John Updike Dead at 76

Not a huge fan of his writings. I know…”How dare I” but I loved this quote taken from the AP article reporting his death.

Born in Reading, Pa., raised in the Protestant community of Shillington, Pa., where the Lord’s Prayer was recited daily at school, Updike was a lifelong churchgoer influenced by his faith, but not immune to doubts.

“I remember the times when I was wrestling with these issues that I would feel crushed. I was crushed by the purely materialistic, atheistic account of the universe,” Updike told The Associated Press during a 2006 interview.

“I am very prone to accept all that the scientists tell us,” he said. “But I can’t quite make the leap of unfaith, as it were, and say, `This is it. Carpe diem (seize the day), and tough luck.'”

I really like the fact that he was a freethinking, religious man. This is very rare. Usually you are piled into either one of two camps: Those that accept faith and reject science and rationalism or those that are supreme rationalist who refuse and belittle faith.

In this way I think that I am in complete agreement with Mr. Updike.