108 Day Zen Sitting Challenge

I suppose saying that this is a “Zen” challenge would be inaccurate. The goal is to get people to attempt to meditate daily for 108 days and judge the results for yourself. Read the following and if interested go to the website.

Your 108 Day Meditation Journey Begins Tomorrow
March 1, 2009

To begin visit the site http://zenundertheskin.typepad.com/108days

Sign the “Guestbook” http://zenundertheskin.typepad.com/108days/commit.html
Then give it your best effort. Sit daily for 108 days.

There is no set sitting time… Sit whenever you can/wherever you can. Information will be posted to the blog daily. Find instruction, inspiration, and resources. Post a comment to the daily blog entry and let us know how it is going for you (optional).


Anyway, that is the deal. I should say that this doesn’t have to be zen meditation or even buddhist meditation. In fact, those are just labels. This form of meditation was done by hindu priests and yogis long beforethe buddha. But it is something that can be a benefit to you. I hope some try to make this commitment.



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