Listening to Philip Kapleau

I found a dharma talk by Kapleau online which I am listening to now. He is mostly reciting some koan work from the Blue Rock Record “Everyday is a good day”. These always are too confusing to listen to and I suppose me blogging while I listen isn’t goingto help with my understanding.
  • “Don’t be confused or 30 blows” – am I glad that I do not do the Rinzai zen because I would be getting the blows all the time with my amount of confusion. At home – Blows on the head. At work – Blows to the head. At school – Blows to the head. This blows.
  • Buddha says after born: “Above the heavens and below the heavens I alone am the honored one.”
  • Reply from Zen Master: “If I were there I would have knocked him dead with a single stroke and given his flesh to dogs. This would have been some contribution to the harmony of this world.”
  • My translation: Buddha did not walk after being born. This is silly, dogmatic bullshit and if I were there and heard such nonsense, I would have given the Buddha a smack for being a douce.

My logic thus says that I am a zen master. Yay me!!