I aint no marshmallow nor vegetable nor mineral

[Edit: 07.16.09 Well, upon reviewing this person’s blog post once again, I think that I did not hit the root of the problem. The truly sad thing here is that Mr. Lutheran is basing his entire view of a very complex and spread out religion/non-religion on ONE experience. From that ONE experience, he solved all of the complexities and nuances of the dharma by a singular sitting…if he sat and didn’t like it and wanted to stop then fine…but don’t judge every other buddhist from that experience (it would be similar to me judging all Lutherans from your idiotic blog). And as far as teachers or roshis having their own issues and problems- check out a biography on Ghandi. You’d be surprised…]

The folks over at Progressive Buddhism compiled a nice little list of misconceptions that some individuals may hold about Buddhism. That would be nice if those misconceptions would help this fellow but I doubt it.

[Edit: damn it they beat me to it. I was going to list some of those quotes…I will still but I will also add some of my own colorful commentary]

Buddhism is very attractive to the youth of today, who thinks its going to offer them something called enlightenment, whatever that is. (Well, granted, enlightenment is a difficult concept and I am sure that later on this individual will figure it out but FUCK…all you have to do is hit wikipedia or one or two basic books on Buddhism to get a decent idea of it…well, I’m sure it will get better.) It seems to mean not wanting anything (ok…maybe) and becoming a vegetable (huh?) or a mineral(FUCK!…What?). Buddhist actually consider rocks and stones to be citizens I think this is b/c they want to be as inert as a rock (Seriously, a LITERAL reading of some fucking quote. You are an idiot. Refer to earlier comments about reading a fucking book.)

Vietnam was Buddhist and now look (Fuck you genius, South Vietnam was largely ANTI-Buddhist. Please refer to earlier comment about READING A FUCKING BOOK).

There are no criteria for anger within Buddhism. You are never supposed to be angry. (Great! So I’m not gnashing my teeth right now trying to think of a way of fitting a size ten boot in a size nine asshole. Gosh, thats a relief.) Buddhism doesn’t even have moral criteria (Please to refer to the Eighfold Path , the Ten Precepts and any book by Dogen…check my blog…links right to what you need) If someone chops your leg off, your job is to remain sanguine. (I may not be very smart but I am assuming that “sanguine” means screaming so loud that my other leg falls off.)

…but when gurus do something to you, you are just supposed to go along with it.(wouldn’t know, never “groveled” before a guru or roshi before. However, Buddha pretty much said that we NEED to evaluate everything including Buddhism…you should try evaluating Lutherism sometime, obviously you may be confused…just saying…As a note to any practicioners out there – Always question your teacher, no matter what the color or style ofthe robes).

Ok…I’m out of steam and I think I want to watch the rest of Grand Turino.

No Illusions,


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  1. I said my piece on his site. I read your comment over there and I could not have said it better (or nicer myself). But the day is young….


  2. @ Justin

    Well I did end up commenting again but I try to avoid it. I tend to go the cursing angry route rather than providing a nice structured argument.

    Nice comments by the way…maybe he learned something, but I doubt it.

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