Householder Zen – Soen Roshi

From “One Bird One Stone”

“Cooking, eating, sleeping, every deed of everyday life is nothing else than this Great Matter. Realize this! So we extend tender care with a worshipping heart even to such beings as beasts and birds – but not only to beasts, not only to birds, but to insects too, okay? Even to grass, to one blade of grass, even to dust one speck of dust. Sometimes I bow to dust….”

Sometimes so do I. Thanks Roshi. Goodnight.

Cosmic Dust


One thought on “Householder Zen – Soen Roshi

  1. That is some cool cosmic dust there! And really, when you think about it, the dust "beats" us every time. You sweep, it's back by morning. Gotta bow to the dust – someday you and I will be it again 🙂

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