Zen Inklings

Just a few recent interactions that got my Buddha-Mind rolling…

To a roaming couple of Mormons:
  • Mormons: You’re Buddhist?
  • Me: Yes. You’re Mormons?
  • Mormons: Yes.
  • Me: Wonderful! [hands raised in air for hug] We now understand each other!
  • Mormons: [laughing] Is it that easy?
  • Me: [hug not received] Should it be more difficult?

The Middle Way:
  • Seated at a Booth at a college Community Resource Fair between previously mentioned Mormons on one side and on the other side the local Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Alliance. The Mormons’ table had pamphlets and Bibles. The GLBTA table had flavored condoms and purple tubes of something (they were promoting an AIDS fundraising walk). My only thought was that I truly AM the middle path in this case. [No offense to either GLBT or the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Both groups were delightful.]

Twitter conversation with a Viking:
  • @ZendirtZendust: Ok, Ironic that a buddhist would talk about moderation while getting blotto.
  • @PaganViking: Everything in moderation, including moderation. [of course pagan viking is an alias. Why welcome anyone else on board a sinking, depraved ship such as this?]

Hope you learned something.