Booze and Buddhism

Since everyone had so much fun discussing the topic of the 5th Precept – I thought that I would line up some of the articles for easy reference (in somewhat lazy chronological order):
I don’t really have anything more constructive to add on the subject. I thought that the opinions provided in the above posts varied from a literal and concrete interpretation of the precepts to a more adapted view to complete and utter drunkenness.
If I missed any interesting contributions; feel free to include in comments along with your favorite drink (with or without the alcohols).

4 thoughts on “Booze and Buddhism

  1. Wow! Fabulous funny post! Thank you!

    And my favourite drinks, in order, are:
    1) Ti Guan Yin
    2) Any other loose-leaf oolong tea
    2) Any loose-leaf green tea
    3) A good strong cup of PGTips
    4) Water

    And that's it! I don't drink anything else! LOL!

  2. @ Adam – Thanks for the link, I've included it.

    @ Marcus – Ugh. Green Tea. For some reason the healthiest drink on the planet, green tea, gives me horrible stomach cramps – Like garlic to a vampire. I have aquired quite a liking to Oolong as well as chai tea.

    But easily my favorite drink is warm apple cider with cinnamon. Ahhh! Autumn.


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