Big Buddha in NJ

Ah! The Garden State! I miss you so much. Why couldn’t you build a 30 ft. Buddha while I was there? A brief from the article:

New Jersey Governor John Cozine will open the largest Samadhi Buddha Statue in USA which is 30 feet tall at New Jersey Buddhist Vihara on September 26.

Ambassadors from Sri Lanka, India, South Korea, Nepal, Laos, China, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh will light lamps around the Samadhi statue. An overnight Pirith chanting by Bhikkus followed by a dane by devotees of the Vihara to 50 monks will also be held.

Chief Incumbent of the Viharaya Ven. Hunhampola Siriratana Nayake Thera initiated the project. The statue is similar to the one in the Mahamevuna Uyana in Anuradhapura. This received the generous support of Americans and Sri Lankans in the United States.

Thanks to Barbara for posting on the two things closest to my heart; The Garden State and ridiculously large statues! I plan to stop by the next time I am in Princeton to pay my respects.
[not to be crass but with the two million dollars that it cost to put up the statue, you would think they would have a nicer mock-up of the thing.]

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