Burnt Out on Race – Where are all the females?

It doesn’t take too long for me. Conversations about race, especially on-line, wipe me out and leave me feeling all husk-like and zombie-esque. Much better to engage in person with beer and tea. Either way, it got me thinking this morning while walking and trying to avoid roaming bands of stray dogs, that my blog roll is really white and really converted.

Overall, this doesn’t bother me too much but it does mean that my intake of information is one-sided rather than many-faceted as I would like it to be. And, after being told to do my homework before I post next, I thought I would putz around looking for some more diverse Buddhism blogs to follow.
And would you know what, I came up with almost nothing. So, if anyone has some recommendations for Buddhist blogs from an Asian or non-convert perspective please help me out and post them in the comments so that I can get me learning on. Something happy and inviting would be nice but I will settle for angry and persnickety.
Another thing that popped up was that very few of the female Buddhist bloggers that I used to follow are posting anymore.



15 thoughts on “Burnt Out on Race – Where are all the females?

  1. Conversations about race leave me overwhelmed and feeling out of place. I was put into foster care from birth and adopted a few years later. I don't know anything about my birth parents or my race. I often get mistaken for Asian, Hawaiian or Hispanic/Latina.


    J-A Female Buddhist Blogger

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jaime. I came across your blog recently and have been enjoying your perspective. I appreciate your effort.


  3. @ hazel colditz – Thanks for the comment and complements! I appreciate the links and I will look into them as well as your own blog.

    I started my online Buddhist journey partly by following "Zen Under the Skin" – A Dharma blog run by an African American female practitioner of Korean Zen in an urban setting. I loved her insights but she no longer updates. Sad.


  4. Thanks Jack. : ) Besides my big brothers, you're my other follower. I'm pretty new to this whole "blogging" thing but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

  5. Hi, thanks for the post. I can learn about other female bloggers out there from the responses here. I'm new to the internet scene, and learning my way around. Stop by and say hi sometime. Constance
    constancenow on twitter
    P.S. thanks Jamie

  6. Hi Jack,

    Here's a great female blogger who – incidentally – could also fill another blog category… the Buddhist Artist:


    As for blogs by Asian voices, I assume you mean in the English language right? LOL! Well, anyway, one of the best I know is this one:


    But, at the risk of starting off this whole race thing again, I don't think adding blogs to your blogrole simply based on a person's ethnic heritage or skin colour is the way to go! Add blogs to your blogrole that connect to you personally, surely yhat should be the only criteria?

    All the best,


  7. @ Marcus -Thanks for the suggestions. I agree with about only following someone based on their skin color or ethnicity ( I don't plan to randomly throw every suggestion up on my roll). That isn't my goal (but I will give the suggestions a shot).

    I suppose what I am looking for is a different perspective and asking for recommendations. It isn't meant to placate anyone but rather to keep myself well-rounded.

    So far, everyone that was recommended to me seems interesting. Like any relationship, it takes some time to "feel" the person or blog out.

    Personally, I have found that I connect with anyone that is honest in their opinion and in turn helps my growth. It is a wide criteria and includes many including yourself.


  8. Cheers Jack,

    And yes, I see that my comment was badly worded! Of course you only add those you personally connect with – regardless of race etc! I didn't mean to suggest you've ever done otherwise, and apologise for not wording my comment very well.

    All the very best,


  9. Hi Jack,
    I don't know much about blogs but I do know there is a wealth of amazing and brave Buddhist women you can read about:
    Tenzim Palmo, Rev Master Jiyu-Kennet,Dipa Ma are just a few.
    My own teacher, Rev Meido Tuttle, OBC/Soto Zen here in Joseph,OR. (The Wallowa Buddhist Temple)has been a monk for almost 30 yrs. She studied at the Shasta Abbey under RM Jiyu-Kennet. She hasn't written a book but her story is just as amazing. And Rev Master Meiko Jones of the same sect in Portland. There are many many ground breaking women out there just breathing, smiling and practicing. :)And I'm sure they would be happy to talk to you.
    As for the race thing….I guess I'm ultra naive….but until a few days ago when I somehow stumbled upon Kyles blog I had never even heard of the "race issue" in Buddhism…and I have been practicing several years. I'm saddened to learn about it. But humans will be humans….however they label themselves.

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