Virtual dharma resources for REAL practice

In an effort to help some of those home-practitioners that don’t have access to a physical sangha or zendo and rely almost completely on home practice to study the Dharma and further their own growth, I though I would list some of the online resources out there. There are plenty of others out there but these came to mind….

  • White Wind Zen Community Long Distance Training Program – The practice of Zen is experiential and instruction is based on your actual experience of doing the practice. As soon as possible after reading the transcript and sitting for a full half hour according to the instructions it contains, please write to the monastery to let us know that you read the “Beginner’s Mind Workshop” transcript, sat and would like to receive further instruction. Please include in your email some detail concerning what you experienced while sitting and write out any questions that came up. Your email will be answered by a practice advisor or a Dharma Teacher in residence at Dainenji and this will be the beginning of an exchange for the purpose of clarifying your understanding of Zen practice so that you can eventually apply as a public student of Ven. Anzan Hoshin roshi.

  • Treeleef Zendo – This zendo is dedicated to students of Zen Buddhism who cannot travel to a zen center or who otherwise wish personal contact with a zen teacher… [a full review of this site is here]
  • Wild Fox Zen Blog – The Moon Reflected in the Water: 100 Day Practice Period begins on Saturday for those practicing from afar. The expectations might seem a bit more than you can handle – zazen, Heart Sutra, study, webinar, capping phrases – and if you think so, it might be just right….Anyway, there is still a seat open for you in the virtual practice zendo. If you want to jump in, shoot me an email ( or register via Facebook by Wednesday. No previous practice period experience necessary. [I think this session is closed but they seem to be willing to do this again, I hope].
  • 108 Days – Follow along with the posts for 108 days of meditation. No longer an active blog so engagement is limited but a good way to slide into a daily routine.

  • AudioDharma – The Insight Meditation Center (IMC) is a community-based urban meditation center for the practice of Vipassana or Insight meditation. We are a non-residential center in Redwood City, California, dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhist teachings. IMC offers a broad range of practice and community activities. This includes a weekly schedule of meditation sessions, dharma talks (talks on Buddhist teaching and practice), classes, group discussions, yoga practice and a variety of meditation and study retreats. IMC began in 1986 as a gathering of individuals who meet in order to learn, support and deepen their mindfulness practice. It is an informal group, and those interested in mindfulness meditation are heartily welcome to participate whenever they wish. IMC does not require payment for any of our teachings or meetings. The support of our teachers and all our center expenses is done through the voluntary donations of our community. The group is guided by Gil Fronsdal. [Gil may be the closest thing to a bodhisattva that I will ever meet…the man kicks ass]

  • BuddhaNet – Its got everything you would ever need, I think, for a full home practice. Sans an actual teacher. [Enough info to make your brain go *pop*!]

  • Blogs – Plenty but start at digitalZENDO and The Zennist for an example of two polar opposites in a broad array of fantastic blogs out there. [I can’t even start too explain how many are out there but I like these two since they give two very different views of Buddhist and Zen practice]
This list is by no means meant to be extensive and it is skewed towards Zen practice by Buddhists on Purpose (lol, hilarious term. Makes me think of “Pigs in Space”) but if you know of any other resources please list them in the comments and I’ll toss them in…

Cheers and welcome to Buddhist Purgatory (I should rename my blog that, Thanks Kyle!),


8 thoughts on “Virtual dharma resources for REAL practice

  1. Excellent list! Some of them I hadn't heard of, thank you.

    But you forgot the biggest and best Buddhist resource on the web, The Reformed Buddhist blog….wait, crap, scratch that, to many dirty words and fart jokes.

    All kidding aside nice list.

  2. Thanks Jack! Great list, I will make sure to retweet. And yes, I agree Gil Fronsdal is a great teacher, and I feel so lucky to have access to him. People from all over the world listen to his podcasts, and those of the people he invites to IMC.

    You should add your blog to the list :}

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