The Asian Welder and Bonfires

I woke up this morning, headed to the dump to drop off some recycling and pick up some wild plums from a friend to make plum wine when I saw a package hanging out of my mailbox. What do you suppose was within the package? Well, a brand new t-shirt from my new Sangha-sibling Hazel from “The Asian Welder” blog!

So we had a great day of curry, pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup), spiced cider and bonfires. And I got to wear my fancy new shirt the entire time. The front says “Spark This” if you can’t tell from the picture.

So, please stop by The Asian Welder, check out her work, read a little Buddhism and thank Hazel for me for sending me the sweet, sweet shirt. I can’t afford to buy them new anymore so if you got a t-shirt you want me to wear about anything drop a me a line on twitter, send it to me and I’ll wear it.
I am a whore for this sort of attention and frankly I love me some t-shirts…maybe next time I’ll even pose sexy-like…

4 thoughts on “The Asian Welder and Bonfires

  1. you look M A R V E L O U S!!
    i could send a second version for that sweet "sexy pose"….
    thanks jack! makes me smile and is a great way to start my week!

  2. @ hazel – Sweet! Can't wait to get it. I will review some sultry poses till then…

    @ Just Dave – I know! Thats why I wear the t-shirt.

    @ Kyle – Glad you liked. I do not accept used material, only new!

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