South Dakota – Buddhist Purgatory

[This is a repost of a post fromthe past but it does have a slight halloween tilt so I thought I would put it forward again.  I’m always looking for new practice so if you got some with some Halloween flare then let me know in the comments]
I woke up this morning to a wonderful post by the Reformed Buddhist mentioning the Purgatory State – South Dakota.

Invent a Buddhist Purgatory and put it in South Dakota where there
really is no difference.

Well, thank you Kyle for thinking of us, luckily the Hungry Ghosts and pretas have left us alone for the moment so Samsara baby and myself could enjoy some zazen this morning (thus the picture, taken only moments before a random attack from roaming Hungry Ghosts). Just so you know what we are up against here is the description of what I have to fight against to get into work every day.

Pretas are invisible to the human eye, but some believe they can be discerned by humans in certain mental states. They are described as human-like, but with sunken, mummified skin, narrow limbs, enormously distended bellies and long, thin necks. This appearance is a metaphor for their mental situation: they have enormous appetites, signified by their gigantic bellies, but a very limited ability to satisfy those appetites, symbolized by their slender necks. []

Very scary and you thought ZombieLand was bad! And let me tell you, the Blood Pool Hell Sutra leaves some talking points as well. But, well, home is home and we do our best.
Cheers and Happy Zombie hunting!


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  1. BUDDHA ZOMBIE ROAM THE GREAT PLAINS!! LOL I love the sutra's that talk about the Hungry Ghosts, kinda eerie stuff if you ask me. I wonder if Patrick Swayze will star in an afterlife production of Hungry Ghost. 😛

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