"True Buddhism in Virtual Reality"

Yuttadhammo over at “Truth is Within” had an interesting idea for furthering our iSangha practiceeChanting!

We’ve managed to set up a karaoke style international chanting session over the Internet; participants hear the leader’s (me’s) voice and follow along based on the text that pops up verse by verse. An interesting experiment; not sure if it will catch on, but it does seem like a nice idea allowing people to come together to hear and reflect upon the Buddha’s teaching from around the world. Afterwords I will sometimes give a verse by verse explanation of the Pali and concepts discussed therein. Here’s a picture:

Indeed, a great idea! Chanting by oneself loses so much of the experience of what can be an integral part of your home practice. It may not catch on but it seems worth a shot and I appreciate the effort.

Follow this link to The Buddha Center. I love their slogan “True Buddhism in Virtual Reality“. It seems to be a virtual reality monastery or temple with avatars walking around different rooms for different events (I wonder if I can bring a staff and cast Cure Light Wounds?). That may be a bit much for me but I love the effort in capturing new technologies to reach out to home-practitioners.

Personally, I like to have resources like this in reserve for when I can’t make it to the zendo (read: yoga studio backroom) to sit and chant with the sangha. I already have substituted podcasts of Dharma Talks for the “real” thing since there is a real lack of Dharma teachers out here in snowy South Dakota.



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  1. His work is really beautiful. I appreciate his kindness very much. I asked many people to teach in SL but they were afraid. He is a courageous pioneer.

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