I’m coming out!

Well, its been a few months coming. I never really expected anyone to read this blog and what started as a training requirement for a new job has become a consistent part of my practice as well as a positive (and sometimes, not so positive) way of interacting with my iSangha. So for those reasons I am making a few changes:

  1. I am shooting over to WordPress since I like the layout better and I am in the mood for a wee bit of a change.
  2. I am dropping the whole “Jack Daw” thing. Again, this blog started as a training requirement for my employment. It was either keep a nice blog with my name on it for everyone to see and say “Oh, what a nice blog” or keep it anonymous and say what I feel about things that matter to me. If I could do it over again, I would have gone by my actual name. So as much as I like crows…I am dropping the screen name.
  3. It’s my freaking birthday today so it would be nice if you left a stone (o) and a few twigs (_) so that I know that you were there.
  4. Hopefully I have some other cool announcements to make in the near future but we will wait and see….




17 thoughts on “I’m coming out!

  1. Thanks for the B-Day wishes and glad to see everyone!

    @ AL – I tried that and we both know it didn’t work.

    @ Khorwalung – Thanks! I love beong “haiku-ed”

    @ Nathan – No alter ego. Same person. Same rants. Real name.

    @ Jordan – Boo back-atcha!

    @ Justin – Thanks! So is your end the “deep” end and I’m still swimming in the shallows? 🙂

    • Oh, Al! I knew someone was going to go that route. I just didn’t figure it would be you. Kyle, maybe but not you.

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