A Good Sit


Is there such a thing as “a good sit”?  Is a meditative session ever actually bad?  There are times when I really feel into what I am doing (which is nothing, I’m meditating for fuck’s sake) and there are times when the outside seeps in and I am distracted or annoyed by….well, anything really.  Cars, my legs which are usually killing me, someone farting, stress.

But this morning was a great sit.  I went through my entire morning session almost without any sense of difficulty.  Just sublime comfort and ease.  As easy as slipping into bed and reading a book.  It felt good since usually I get overwhelmed by everything.  So, when I was done I tried to pinpoint what exactly made it so positive and so different from those less satisfying sits.

As always I try to avoid the standard “Zen” answers about seeing my own nature, my buddha-nature or my face before I was born (what the fuck does that mean anyway) and found that I had the same feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction as finishing a huge pile dishes or cutting the lawn.  Happy that something was completed and somewhat tired from the work but not drained.  It wasn’t easy or hard it just was.

In the end a good sit feels the same as a good shit.  Some effort required but you never got stuck, you feel lighter afterwards and you have the urge to tell everyone about it but to them it is just shit.  In the end you don’t know why it was good or bad – you just know that you did it and its time to flush.  Fuck it!  Tomorrow, I start again.  No comparisons, just another shit.

Have a good weekend!




6 thoughts on “A Good Sit

    • Yup! Can’t dwell on the shit (even the good shit). There are no good days or bad days just days where shit needs to get done.

      By the by, recent posts over on AAB have been quite nice lately. I enjoy the posts pointing towards Buddhist practices that are not as “mainstream” or at least recognized as such in the West.

  1. The scatalogical metaphor is spot on! I’ve never attempted to discern why a particular session was a “good one,” but I have an awareness when I finish my meditation whether it was a “good sit.” And talk about frustrating sessions at times! Like when both my cats decide it’s time to meow and rub against my knee. Ack!

    • Indeed, Richard! Cats are horrible meditation aids but dogs can be worse when they just stare at you the entire time. I am actually annoyed when I feel that a sit was either good or bad. It should be like breathing. Either there or not.

      Happy Diwali!


  2. I find that the secret to a good sit is to eat more fiber…. wait… maybe it’s I’m getting the metaphors confused.

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