Hells Yeah!  My Diwali celebration will consist of glorious amounts of homemade curry, samosas, the unvieling of the Chai Wheat Beer Homebrew (aptly named “Ganesh’s Jelly Roll Chai Wheat”) followed by numerous offerings and the lighting of many candles.  Then Indian music, a few recitations from my hindu friend and well as a 3 foot tall statue of Ganesh!

In case you don’t know Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India.  As it is done there, it will be done here.

Personally, I plan on battling some hungry ghosts early in the morning followed by a hay-ride with the wife, mom-in-law and samsara baby.  Then an afternoon of thesis work and proposal writing capped by a night of bonfires, beer and celebration.



Ganesh is BRUTAL!

Ganesh is BRUTAL!


5 thoughts on “Diwali!

    • I will post soon but I am ashamed to say that it is an extract (mini-mash) recipe but it did prove tasty. Needs to be bottle-conditioned for alittle longer.

  1. I have yet to get into all grain brewing. I don’t have the space in my 2 bedroom apt or the equipment. there’s no shame in using extract, as long as it doesn’t have the word “rice” in it.

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