Lets Rip Apart Some Books!

I cant believe that I even started this one...

I can't believe that I even started this one...

Over at Barbara’s Buddhist Blog, Barbara mentioned that…

A few days ago I came across an article by an alleged Christian scholar named James Beverly explaining Buddhism, and as pain goes it’s on a par with fingernails scratching a blackboard. (Beverly is the editor of something called Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions. I’ve requested a review copy from the publisher so I can survey the damage.)

I won’t go into her explanations, which were clear and concise, but rather point to the fact that most Buddhist bloggers should be doing this.  Request a freakin’ review copy of shit that interests you or pisses you off.  Then, tear it apart like the bunch of wolves we are.  I am luck enough to get review copies at the library once in a while but I plan on addressing the publishers directly on books that are coming out that I think are either good (seemingly), interesting (seemingly) or just plumb fucking awful. 

Lets start with this one and have some fun!




6 thoughts on “Lets Rip Apart Some Books!

  1. “Request a freakin’ review copy of shit that interests you or pisses you off. Then, tear it apart like the bunch of wolves we are.”

    I’ve heard it said, the Great Way is easy for those who do no picking or choosing. That is, we are encouraged to seek equanimity, beyond attachment and aversion from views. Perhaps a more skillful approach is mindfulness focused on our visceral responses to ideas, especially to those we cherish most and those we detest.

  2. I use ingrams (Street Guide) that will let you know what is coming out in the next few years but it isi limited to library/bookseller use, I think. I never tried to get a personal account.

    Another way is to go to is Amazon for pre-orders.

    Find the publisher and request an review copy. Sometimes you need to do this at least a few months in advance.

    I am planning on posting some of the newer ones coming out that are interesting.



  3. Hi John,

    I loved the spoiler idea, but, of course, from a Christian point of view and the very point of the Gospel stories, it’s not a spoiler at all. The real ending (which is also the beginning if you like) comes three days later. On about p.687 I guess! LOL!

    But yes, on a more serious note, it’d be great to see more Buddhist book reviews out there. Nice idea.

    And thank you so much for the Heart Sutra essay yesterday, a very nice piece of writing. I’ve added it to my little Heart Sutra resource page.

    Thanks again, and all the best,


  4. “It is a custom with him in the afternoon to sleep:
    there thou mayst brain him (Having first seized his books)
    or with a log batter his skull, or paunch him with a stake,
    or cut his wezand with thy knife.
    Remember first to possess his books!”

    ~Shakespeare ‘THE TEMPEST’

    • Which is why I never discuss books with Necromancers or Envokers. It nevers ends well….

      Ai Ai Cthulhu Ph’Tagen

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