Grounded Kensho

to encounter the absolute is not yet enlightenment.

I love this line from the Identity of Relative and Absolute.  This one line pretty much sums up one of my primary views of Buddhism – whether or not you have touched your Buddha-Nature or not; briefly viewed kensho – you are still a beginner.  A child in practice.  A mere footstep ahead of where you were previously.

In Western culture, we view worth as measured by quantity rather than quality.  If we hit kensho then we have achieved…grown….changed.  This is bunk.  We are enamoured by the idea of kensho – of encountering the Absolute – of changing.  But equating kensho with enlightenment or with anything special at all is equivalent with equating touching a boob with sex.  Yes, its nice but nothing compared to getting laid.

This line should be keeping us honest in Zen.  Keeping us humble.  Everytime, if we are lucky enough to hit kensho, we should be reminded of how far we have to go.  It should be keeping us in touch not with what we achieved but with what we haven’t.  It should ground us and stabilize us. 

But it doesn’t.  We run around after Kensho like a middle school boy who just touched his first boob.  And then brag about it in the schoolyard. 




5 thoughts on “Grounded Kensho

  1. Ok, love the post, good thoughts, wittily composed. Really funny reply. I had many giggles. However, I find it a bit lacking in … “broadness.” Some of us didn’t/don’t have to go very far to find boobs. I happen to carry a set with me all the time.

    (jk. about the criticism. still own the boobs.)

    • Hehe…edamommy (awesome pun, I think). True, I did not consider the opposite sex or those of the same sex that don’t dig on boobs. My bad.

      Does one ever actually “own” boobs. I always feel that they end up owning me….



      • Nah – we all have our own perspective, more or less. Yours (I’m gathering.) enjoys boob. For me – it’s more a oh well, I guess we’re stuck in the same boat kinda thing. Don’t get me wrong — they come in handy, for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is being married to someone who also enjoys said boob(s) and having had little people to nurture.

        Mostly, I was looking forward to using “broadness” as a pun. ‘Though I do believe that broad perspective can be fabulous. LOL – I guess I mean that both ways.

        In any case, I have to tell you I love this blog. Good food for thought, spoken from a really lovely perspective. Mustachio’d, even. How can you beat that? ^_-


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