Buddhist Give-Away!


You know it is a slow blogging week when you are posting pictures of yourself.

We had a record number of new library cards this past month (1602 to be exact) so I got to give-away an iBook to one of our new patrons.  Always fun to give something away and then get a picture taken to boot.

I don’t really have a Buddhist twist on this one other than it is nice to see someone happy to receive something and someone happy to give something away.  It was also Friday so I get to wear jeans!



6 thoughts on “Buddhist Give-Away!

  1. One of my high school teachers once told me that “the most important and powerful card you can ever carry is your library card”. Nice work.

  2. Someone and I can’t remember where recently described a library to me without calling it “a library”. They said something to the effect, in that in this modern western world of “for profit” what would you think if I said “I’m going to build a large building, fill it with new books of every description and people can come there and read or borrow books and take them home, all for free.

    It was a different look at something we take so for granted. Yeah libraries!

    • I call libraries “Information Equalizers”. At one point in time, books were a luxury that only the privileged could access. With libraries, patrons of any class, race or economic situation can access the same information on an equal level. It is a fight, though, to keep it that way. Many libraries introduce rules and policies that target the homeless and often patrons complain about certain demographics that utilize the library.

      I am proud to say that the one that I work at does not take part in these policies and ensure an environment open to everyone.


  3. Yay for libraries, and yay for casual Fridays! Giving something to someone just because is such a nice thing to be able to do.

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