Welcome to Rapid City – Home of the Nazi

What a way to wake up in Rapid City!  A delightful article on some enterprising Nazis right in my town.

Kelly, 55, sells Nazi flags, Adolf Hitler figurines and replica canisters of Zyklon B, among hundreds of items, to customers around the country and world. Kelly said orders from South Dakota residents are rare.

Kelly said he, his wife Linda and their nine children are not Nazis and are not anti-Semitic. He said they sell the items, largely made in China, to veterans, historians, actors, collectors and people looking for a Halloween costume or gag gift.

A gag gift?  Really?  Only to China.  Looking at the propaganda they are selling, I doubt that any cserious collector (unless also a Nazi) would partake in some of the items pictured in the article.  The best example would be the Hitler coaster than read “Next Time, No More Mr. Nice Guy”.  Collectors, my ass.

“I’m a supporter of the U.S. constitution; I don’t have anything to do with politics,” he said.

You have nothing to do with politics.  That 12 inch Resin Statue of Hitler must be one of those gag gifts, right?  Where else would a Hitler Youth be able buy these articles of propoganda? 

Sometimes, I am just disgusted.  We have the ability to be compassionate but instead we sell objects of hate only because the market has a niche.  This family lives an affluent area of town in a huge house through the selling of Nazi propaganda.

This is greed, ignorance and stupidity.



[As a postscript, I chose not to include images from the article in this post.  They were propaganda at its worse for one of the most evil individuals the world has ever seen.  What disturbs me the most is the free advertising this creep just recieved by HAVING A FRONT PAGE ARTICLE ON SELLING HATE.]


13 thoughts on “Welcome to Rapid City – Home of the Nazi

    • I agree. Painfully gross. Reading the comments on the article didn’t help much at all either.

      I hope you pop over to some of my “lighter” posts to cheer yourself up!

      I also hope that there is not a swatzika painted on my house when I go home…

  1. One small correction — it says the stuff is made “in China,” not being sold “only to” China.

    This is not to say I don’t agree completely with your take on it, only to be nitpicky. 🙂

  2. “You still think swastikas look cool
    The real nazis run your schools
    They’re coaches, businessmen and cops
    In a real fourth reich you’ll be the first to go!”

    ~Dead Kennedys

  3. From “Plastic People,” Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention:

    Take a day
    And walk around
    Watch the nazis
    Run your town
    Then go home
    And check yourself
    You think we’re singing
    ‘Bout someone else

    But you’re plastic people!
    Oh Baby now you’re such a drag!

  4. Jack, thank you. I will comment not on the specific content but on your choice of critiquing. This is a tough one. To stay silent, or actively engage in a rebuttal of certain acts, or writings, is a difficult decision for someone on the Dharma path. Personally, I have decided to abstain from all negative commenting, both in Twitter and in my blog. Not saying it is necessarily the right way.

    Deep bow,


    • Thank you for your comment, Marguerite. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to touch on this one but the swing vote was when a local gay/lesbian/transgender group wanted to have a weekend of events (including of all things: a picnic, a worship services and a charity breakfast) they were crucified by the community. Comments ranged from the group destroying our youth to much much worse.

      That same community is perfectly fine with a pair profiting from hate and death.

      Sometimes you need to be negative..

      I will say “thank you” to you for “getting it”.

      Deeper bows,

      John (or Jack)

  5. As obscene as all this is, it probably won’t fall under “right livelyhood.” So, I think this will blow-up one day for him. Chose the right vehicle to bring this up to, don’t drag your message down to his level. I think they would be tickled to see some Buddhist getting his “panties in a bunch”.

    • As I said this is all about greed and profiting from the pain and death of those that went before us without honoring those murdered.



  6. Jack,
    The tone sounded pissed in the post, and for good reason.
    Please feel free to dump my comments if they don’t work for you, as they are just my opinion….and I probably could not do any better, anyway! 🙂

    • I was pissed especially when it is obviously in my backyard. While the community here is quick to respect the rights of a Nazi propoganist, they were quick to deny the rights of our g/l/tg community and constantly dump on our Native American community.

      All the comments work for me. I don’t dump anything unless they are grossly inappropriate.

      Buddhists are allowed to be pissed once in a while 🙂



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