The Zen of a Good Sh*t


Do not stare directly into the star of the Elephant Journal

I’ve got another post up at the Elephant Journal on two of my favorite activities: pooping and sitting or sitting and pooping.   In the long run, there is little difference.

Do me a favor and pop over there and give it a read and leave a comment.  The more you talk, the more I can bump off those cocky yoga folks (with their silly flexibility).  While you are over there, click on a sponsor link and look at some mats or something…it keeps Waylon happy and me foot-deep in Zen sh*t!



One thought on “The Zen of a Good Sh*t

  1. “On my way to Everest, our expedition passed the monastery of Thyangboche, the home of the most holy rinpoche of the Khumbu.

    The rinpoche has staying power. According to his followers’ best estimates, he has had at least six incarnations spanning three centuries, and he’s been living at Thyangboche for most of the last 100 years. As far as I can tell, he’s spent most of that time sitting on a cushion.

    It’s not every day that you get to talk to someone who’s been meditating for 300 years, so I stopped in to ask him the meaning of life. The translator whispered my question to the rinpoche, who paused in deliberation. Finally, he leaned into the ear of the translator and whispered a phrase. I prepared for an epiphany. The translator cleared his throat and said, ‘He’ll get back to you on that.’ ”

    ~Francis Slakey

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