Playing the Dharma Drums


The search for Dharma Drums in Custer State Park

I get T-shirts!

My friend and twangha (or iSangha) mate, GK Sandoval sent me a beautiful t-shirt (see above).  While the weather warmed up here in South Dakota, it wasn’t completly t-shirt weather but I think you know what the rest of the shirt says!  An oldie but goodie and always a great mantra for clearing out the Monkey Mind.

On a side note – Samsara-Toddler got to see her first bison and was very happy.  She even picked up a great bison call (somewhere between a grunt, snort and throat-clearing).

@DrumsofDharma is a steady contributer of our twitter sangha (Twangha) and constantly vocal about practice, devotion and Green Tara.  For a person like me who is a rough-around-the-edges neophyte to tantric, esoteric and devotional Buddhism; @DrumsofDharma is a wonderful resource.  Whats more is that GK is always willing to interact, explain and pontificate…and tell you that you may be full of shit but nicely and with compassion!

Alittle more on GK Sandoval:

A Native American of the Navajo tribe, DJ, artist, writer and foremost a student of the Dharma, seeking enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. My influences include Mahayana Buddhism, Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment, Hawaiiana and Huna, my own Navajo tradition and Indigenous spiritual traditions.

These pathways all blend together like a symphony of drums, echoing the heartbeat of the Universe. The title of my blog is taken from my own love of music and the quest for Truth, Enlightenment and pure Joy. Sound, music and words all have power and strength. By the grace of Manjusri, Green Tara and Lama Tsongkhapa, may my words be of benefit.

Ramble over to @DrumsofDharma or one of the two blogs -> The Drums of Dharma and Twenty One Taras and learn something about the infathomable Green Tara and the ultra skillful means of the Drums of Dharma!

Thanks for the T-shirt, Drums of Dharma!  Many deep bows and metta prostrations.



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