Reading for Veteran’s Day

The Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker

Regeneration by Pat Barker

The Eye in the Door by Pat Barker


The Ghost Road by Pat Barker

From Booklist:

Barker further embellishes upon history, shepherding readers even more deeply into the psyches of her vividly rendered characters. Poet Wilfred Owen reappears, as does psychologist William Rivers and his invalid sister, Katherine, who as a child was befriended by Lewis Carroll. Here, Rivers becomes ill and is haunted by memories of the headhunters he lived with and studied in Melanesia. But it is Barker’s riveting and complex portrait of Billy Prior that delivers the message of the pathos and horrors of war. When Prior returns to the trenches after recovering from shell shock, he describes in diary form the final battles of World War I. Restrained yet powerfully expressive, Barker writes at full tilt, with compelling humanity. Alice Joyce

I love this series.  It destroyed me and rebuilt a more compassionate individual.  Full of cultural anthropologists, psychiatrists, homosexuality, war poets, and the horrors of war both during and after.




4 thoughts on “Reading for Veteran’s Day

  1. Capt. William Rivers: I find it interesting that you don’t stutter.
    Billy Prior: I find it even more interesting that you do.

    —from the movie ‘Regeneration’ based on Barker’s book.

    • I never saw the movie but Billy Prior may be one of my most favorite literary characters of all time. If you read “The Ghost road” that statement should disturb almost anyone.

      Thanks Al!

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