Shinran on a Tricycle

I thought that this was an interesting post on an otherwise dull blog (in my opinion anyway).

Over the past few years, Tricycle has featured a number of articles about Jodo Shinshu, or Shin Buddhism. Developing from the insight of Shinran (1173-1263) a Japanese monk that Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom calls a “towering firgure” in Buddhism. Read the articles below to get a sense of Shinran and and his teachings, and the modern practice of Jodo Shinshu.

For a Buddhist periodical that is largely based in Zen practice with a smattering of Tibetan, it seems to be a nice step towards broadening  their readers practice by shedding some light on a practice that gets largely ingored (and at times misrepresented) by many convert Buddhist practitioners. 

It would be nice if this would start to become a common feature of Tricycle Magazine.  I may even read it if they start including Tendai, Shingon and some other forms of practice that aren’t particularly well-known in the West.

Check out the Jodo Shinshu page here.

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