Tricycle Ego-Masturbation

Sad, that Tricycle is attempting a web grant when they already told us what they think of it

Wow.  You want to talk about ego-masturbation.  Click here.  I encourage people to use their 3 votes honestly.  For me, however, I will be not voting for Tricycle especially for a web grant.

Oh and Tricycle?  Hint hint.  Don’t tell people what to vote for.

I think most of us should leave an honest comment about the highs and lows of this particular publication.




One thought on “Tricycle Ego-Masturbation

  1. another thought i had on this issue is that Tricycle and it’s practices are impermanent (shocker I know) and they have the ability to change. i’m going to practice viewing them as a work in progress, just as am I. but i do think that from now on i’m going to read the magazine in the store before i commit to taking it home with 7 or 8 bucks less in my pocket.

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