Heck of a Give-Away!

Is there a specialized mantra for this sort of thing?  Cause I would love to get me one of these things!


4 thoughts on “Heck of a Give-Away!

  1. The desire I’d like to end first is my want to stop desire. This way I can fuck my life up with drugs and alcohol without a second thought!

    Eh, I much prefer http://www.audible.com Nothing better than listening to someone else read me the book, because, honestly I’m too fuckin lazy to turn pages. hehe

  2. Tempting, I do understand, and isn’t the devil always in the details ? There is a long, fine print agreement that comes with the Kindle which more or less says that even though you have bought a book from Amazon, they have the right to alter or even retract the book at any time. Very 1984ish. And just plain smarmy. Please check it out – this may help ameliorate your desire.

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