The Great Buddhist Blog Swap!

A free copy of a book on Mindfulness Meditation to the first person to identify the genus of this sucka! Paleo folk need to give me the species!

Just as a reminder to everyone that tomorrow most of the blogs below will be featuring a new writer from a different Buddhist (or yoga) blogger.  The idea is to echange ideas and move some of our readership around to see what is out there.  My own blog will be taken over by Marcus of Marcus’ Journal on the topic of self-help Buddhism.

Listed below are some of the participants –

Also keep a look-out for Kyle at The Reformed Buddhist, since I believe there may be a post waiting for you there in all of its profane glory…who knows.

So check back tomorrow at this post as I will be including the links to the new posts as they pop up.

Also check in with Nate over at Precious Metal Blog since this was his glorious idea and you should let him know how awesome it is.



12 thoughts on “The Great Buddhist Blog Swap!

  1. hey john the list has changed a bit i know. some folks never got contacted by their pair, so at this point, Richard from My Buddha is Pink has written an article for me. I think Kyle has landed on Richard. My post is still headed onto Marcus’s Journal.
    I’m about to email my change to Nate.


    • I think that the Reverend Danny has contacted Richard so that one is covered. Kyle may be floating in limbo for now…maybe he can get in contact with C4chaos? I think that C4chaos partner didn’t contact him. Bu this could be complete conjecture on my part.

      Either way, I am sure there will be many interesting posts all over the place!



    • Haha! I know how you feel! I think a part two is an awesome idea. The posts so far have been wonderful.



  2. How about a twist on part two? We could make it a questionairre or something? Or set a more specific task? Something with even more of a challenge?

  3. I was thinking about that as well. One idea would be something that is more of an action commitment.

    an example could be an internal commitment to elevating your practice for 1 week and blogging about it (i will sit 3 times a day rather than 2, i will add yoga to my practice, i will eat vegetarian only, etc..whatever might be a stretch for you).

    another example would be something external…blogging about how you externalize your practice…that could be something as mindfully reporting on a volunteer experience or making an effort to smile and be gracious to every being you meet in a week…even the ones you don’t like 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I have two ideas as a follow up. One is a simple thing and the other more a part two of this exrcise.

    The simple one first – why not, on January the 1st say, everybody post their favourite sutra verse or saying of the Buddha etc. This could be with or without a comment, with or without a picture. Just up to each person.

    If every Buddhist blogger posted their favourite verse, line of sutra, line of chant, whatever, on the first of January it would be a great start to the year and clicking through the blogs to see what everybody posted would be fabulous.

    My second idea, for a follow-up to the blog swap, is to again get a randomly chosen partner but this time, after reading their blog, either send them a list of questions to answer, or conduct an interview. So, for example, I might interview Shane and post the interview on my blog whilst being interviewed by John for his blog. What do you think?

    All the best,


  5. definitely working out some stuff for round 2… I think january 1st might be a stretch uless other people think it can be done? If not maybe February 1st… I like the interview idea and I think the action idea is great. How about we incorporate the two? Each person’s partner chooses an action, tells the other about it, and than is interviewed about it??

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