Buddhist Blogger Blog Swap Part Deux!

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Back by popular demand, Article Swap Part Deux!

This time around we’ll be spicing things up a bit. The same idea as the first blog swap, pairing, will be done again. If it isn’t an equal amount I will use the same idea that Marnie gave me to pair everyone up. Now onto the nitty gritty of this swap.

This time, when you sign up to partake in the swap, leave your name, blog link and idea for a topic. This time around we will all be writing about the same thing! After the pairing is done, I will put everyone ideas on a topic into a hat and pick one!

Also, I’d love to have us all done with this and posted on January 1st. That said, being the first day of the New Year, in addition to the article I’d love each post to have the writers resolution for the New Year and why they are choosing the resolution.

The last day to sign up to be part of the swap is this Sunday, December 20th. I will announce the pairings on the following Monday the 21st.

Are you all ready??

I am!  Cheers!


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