Shameless Plug for BeFrank

You may notice a new addition to my sidebar: the BeFrank etsy store.  My younger cousin is a burgeoning graphic designer and I offered to but a link up to her store on “Sweep the Dust Push the Dirt”.

She won an award in 2006 for her design for the poster of “Sideways”.  Does the motif look familiar?  I love it.  NO GAPS!  She may be a Zen Buddhist and not even realize it…yet.  So if you are interested in looking at some of her stuff please feel free to click here or on the BeFrank image in the sidebar.



ps. maybe if enough of you click she will design me a new header!  ;D  By the way, wine-stain ensos are the only ensos I make!


2 thoughts on “Shameless Plug for BeFrank

    • No but you may have to move on over to my FB page to see her since I’m sure she is in my network.

      If you haven’t been lynched yet then you are probably ok!

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