Buddhist Crafts for the Holidays

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my holiday Jizo

I am not, by genetic disposition, a crafty person.  I am sneaky and slightly conniving but in no way skilled with my hands enough to be crafty.  Unless of course you consider wringing my hands menacingly or swirling my mustache bars menacingly to be crafts… 

My wife, however, is crafty as hell.  She always makes handmade cards for my birthday and various fancy multi-media chatskies for my various annual days (birthday, anniversary, Christmas and so forth).  So this holiday season I have watched her make these delightful handmade gifts (and helped with the simpler tasks).  Just enough where I was actually helping without getting in the way or mucking up the works. 

But the time spent cutting clay and making cookies got my wheels turning to find some Buddhist mindful crafts for the holidays. 

 Handmade Jizo Statues


I am attempting a few of these as gifts using Sculptee and some air dry clay.  Many will be multicolored and quite ridiculous.  Hopefully I will have some pictures to post later this week. 

Check here and here for some nice examples that seem simple to make. 

Jizo Origami

How to make a folded paper Jizo (from Jizos for Peace

Tibetan Prayer Flags

How to make Prayer Flags from Instructables.com 

That is all that I have.  If you can think of a few more please add them into the comments.  I have been troubled slightly this year in attempting to align the holidays with my practice.  Largely it has been a failure and I find myself more stressed over the holidays than is healthy.



Scuptee Ganesh!

Update!  From Comments.  Crafty Recycled Tin Shrines:

Portable Kwan Yin shrine (formerly Altoid tin) open


Altered sardine tin Kwan Yin Shrine

Bodhidharma Shrine/Ornament


7 thoughts on “Buddhist Crafts for the Holidays

  1. Great idea! I haven’t used Sculpey in forever! Craftiness and the diy impulse is seems like such a wonderful hallmark of Gen X, and it’s fun to see it expressed in the Buddhist community. Your spouse is crafty indeed (cue the Beastie Boys)!

    Here is my contribution: Sardine Tin and Altoid Tin Shrines. Shrines to Kwan Yin and Bodhidharma prevail, but also one to the transformation of work, and the Bodhisattva Ella Fitzgerald are featured here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/larlo/sets/72157621132970060/

    Bows to your practice and the light you share!


    • Those are amazing! I love it. Did you do them and if so can I include pictures of them at the bottom of this post?



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