Wednesday Morning Buddhist “WTF”!


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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Buddhist “WTF”!

  1. LOL! Well… Capt Haddock is holding his nose as the white horse goes by… if it ain’t about the stench of practice again!
    Elephants, camels, and sireens, oh. my.

  2. Distractions of Practice.

    They were reciting the Heart Sutra Mantra, the Prajnaparamita teachings condensed into a nice managable chunk of data/information in the form of a mantra. If their practice had been actualized and become stable, they wouldn’t have been moved from their recitation by the spectacle of the procession. In fact, they wouldn’t even have noticed it or they would’ve just made a mental note of it then let it pass as they recited.

    They showed their disturbance even more by covering their noses and making a sour face, indicating judgement and aversion. Aversion means that, despite their renunciation and level of non-attachment, there some element, a level of attachment to things made example of in the parade–fame, wealth and prestige, that they still hold in their mind despite all their practice.

    Panel #1 – Stilness, single-pointed focus
    Panel #2 – The first rising of perception of phenomenon.
    Panel #3 – Observation of the scale of phenonmenon.
    Panel #4 – Observation of cause of phenonmenon.
    Panel #5 – Aversion reaction or judgement of phenomenon.
    Panel #6 – Observation of the effect of the passing phenomenon.

    The last panel should probably read, “Why did that event disturb our stillness?”


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