Merry Cthulhu-mas!

Merry Yithmas! Cheery Cthanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa-aargh!

Just Remember these simple rules for a safe and pleasant Holiday Season.

  1. Never go to the Human Anthropology Dept. Faculty Holiday Party at Miskatonic University.  They always lead to sudden spaghettification of all the TAs.
  2. If you are now residing in Innsmouth, caroling at high-tide is not recommended. Be Safe! Sing at low-tide.
  3. As an added precaution, make sure you add an Elder Sign to all the gingerbread men.
  4. If, instead of sugarplums, you notice a weird thing with tentacles “dancing in your head” WAKE UP!
  5. If invited to the Whateley’s home for dinner…don’t bring up the subject of albinos or slime-molds!  Better stay off of the topic of jello just to be safe.
  6. The Necronomicon is not a suitable replacement for “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, so don’t even try it.  Unless you like Yog-Sothoth coming down your chimney.
  7. Always pay your late fees at Miskatonic Library.  As Dr. Henry Armitage – Chief Librarian stated “extended exposure to forgotten or forbidden tomes can lead to late-onset Albinism, chronic vampirism and occasional de-evolution.”  Remember due dates for checked-out material are for your safety!

9 thoughts on “Merry Cthulhu-mas!

  1. “Sometimes when earth’s gods are homesick they visit in the still of the night the peaks where once they dwelt, and weep softly as they try to play in the olden way on remembered slopes.”
    ~H. P. Lovecraft

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