Even Buddhists Think I am an A$$hole

So, I was bored and I wanted a t-shirt that said “Even Buddhists Think I am an Asshole”.  So I made one online.  Then, while I was making them, I thought, “Why not just make a shop” so I did.

The shirts are rather expensive but they seem to be of decent quality.  My thought was to throw on a $5.00 commission to each shirt sold that I would donate to my zendo (laughing teabowl zendo) to serve as a “scholarship” to help reduce the cost for some of our members to attend sesshin a Great Mountain Zen Center (since the cost can be prohibitive).  So 20 shirts sold would equal a $100 donation. 

I honestly don’t know if anyone is interested but click on the link and let me know what you think.


I do feel alittle dirty but designing the shirts is rather fun.  I should have new images available soon.



14 thoughts on “Even Buddhists Think I am an A$$hole

    • I knew someone was going to go there! You are only a capitalist pig when you are actually making capital. I’m more of a marketing-whore. 😛

  1. i think its great. Chances of me buying one anytime soon are slim though, but thats because i just bought a 700$ guitar and don’t come across money much. I would wear one though in a heartbeat.

    • Brother, if I could afford to give ’em out for free or at a cheaper cost, I would. Right now, I can’t afford to buy one!

      • I’m not complaining by any means, I understand why its priced the way it is. Its really not that expensive compared to some of the other shirts i see people wearing.
        Any thoughts on any other designs or anything?

  2. I thoroughly enjoy all of your posts. But this one is the best! I love it! I’m not much of an asshole myself, so your flagship shirt wouldn’t make much sense, but I do like that breathing tweet!

    As for the cost, a bit high, but worth it. (I buy my shirts from Woot.) I’m spreading the word, my friend.

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