Keeping it simple in the New Year


My obligatory New Year’s post.  Its been a long year.  Good, for the most part with plenty of changes.  This next year will be no different.  So, I just want to keep one thing on my mind as I practice and work my way through it…

…keep it simple.

Thats it.  That is my resolution.  Simple living, simple work, single-minded love and compassion. 

There are many things that we can do as Buddhists from our homes to practice.  Even if we are living a distance from traditional Buddhist lands, lay-groups, temples or monestaries.  Many of us are Buddhists without access to monks, teachers, roshis or guidance. So easy to get lost in the diverse and varying traditions and mental mazes found in Buddhist practice.  Even those lucky Buddhist that are part of a larger community and accessable teachers can get lost in the maze.

Some ways I plan on “Keeping it simple” with my Buddhist practice.

  • Offerings ~ No need for anything special, just offer what you have at hand.  Time is a perfect offering, so is incense.
  • Gestures of Respect ~ Whatever it is (bowing, gassho, head nod, kneeling) just do it with a humble and kind mind.
  • Go for Refuge ~ Once for the Buddha, once for the Dharma and once for us (the Sangha).
  • Acceptance ~ Accepting the impermanence of things as well as accepting the large amount of practice that is out there (Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu or Pagan) and the understanding that the path runs through many different belief systems.
  • Meditation ~ Just sitting daily in the hopes that I prepare my mind for enlightenment or maybe just to benefit others. 

Thanks to everyone that have read, commented, emailed, supported, denigrated, blocked or posted over here at “Sweep the Dust, Push the Dirt”.  All of you make my practice a richer one and I appreciate it.  Here’s to a new year, a new day and a new moment.




7 thoughts on “Keeping it simple in the New Year

  1. mr daw…HAPPY NEW YEAR! may all your wishes come to fruition….simply, happily and lovingly!
    offerings can also be imputed by mind as one needs to “have” anything on hand but the intention.
    cheers to the next generation of compassionate growth worldwide!

  2. You have been a wonderful discovery in 2009 – I am looking forward to your thoughtful and heartful posts in what I hope for you is a simple New Year.


  3. Happy New Year John-san
    This is the second time to stumble your post, so
    I remember your Horse-shoe Club photo.
    Yet this time as I found your own photo (isn’t it)
    I should say Hallow.

    ( Hope this is not intrusive, though,) the impression from your photo, I’m just puzzling
    you are the nice good daddy so, on top of it what you want more.
    Even if you visited Monastery or met Good Master, you may not find anything
    more than you got. Not because of your ability or quality but fundamentally they
    don’t have anything to offer you.
    You don’t need to do any thing good
    to others intentionally.
    If you are good enough to be a good daddy,
    it is a qualification, so that if anybody needs
    a help, they come to you.
    (Strangely only the cat in distress came to me,
    shame never Damsel in distress 😀 )

    (If I may offer, Please read “LemonZen” and
    may be “Perfect Circle” would be a fun 4 U)

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