Poll ~ What Should Be Done to Brit Hume!

I prefer to call him "Big Sexy"

After you read and vote, please take time to write a letter to Fox News fns@foxnews.com to tell them what you think… ( I did borrow a bit from BitterRoot Badger’s Letter but it was just too good!).

I am amazed at the level of quality Fox News sinks to these days.  When a news-anchor calls openly for the conversion of someone to Christianity by stating that Buddhism is not a moralistic religion, I think it is time to review your “Fair and Balanced” moniker.

 As one of  the many American Buddhists you just deeply offended, I can assure you that Buddhism offers an ethical teaching that is more than adequate to the task. 

Were Mr. Hume to actually research this topic or even think before speaking, he would have realized that his words were both insulting, derogatory and wholly ignorant. If he took a moment to even think about (or look up on Wikipedia) that one of the core of Buddhist teachings everywhere is the Eightfold Path which details that for one’s happiness in life and to end suffering, one needs to abide by certain moral and ethical guidelines.

There is very little need for a Deity of any sort to live a positive and fruitful life.  Morals were long in play before the advent of Christianity and for the most part the Christian faith has not done a bang-up job of keeping up their own moral through-out history.

But I am off of my topic.  The most troubling point is for a journalist to use a mass-media format to call someone’s conversion from one religion to another. If it were a comment aimed at any other religion, I would feel the same way.  So, in the interest of fairness and balance, I’m writing to insist on an on-air apology from Mr. Hume to all the Buddhists he so casually disrespected on your program.  In fact, it would be nice for him to sincerely review something as commonplace as Wikipedia and recite a little bit about the Buddhist ethics he so casually tossed away.

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23 thoughts on “Poll ~ What Should Be Done to Brit Hume!

  1. Thanks for this! As I wrote in my post about all this, Fox News is like an ignored child acting out to get people’s attention. As Algernon said on his post “Yawn.”

  2. I couldn’t vote fer me cuz, y’know, ew, but the one about Rev. Danny made me bark out loud so I placed my x there.

    I read that Hume retired from Faux in ’08, so maybe they don’t have the authority to make his jowly butt apologize on air. But I think it’s good to kick up a fuss at Fox. It’s like yer Ma knockin’ you upside the head and you go, “What was that for?” and she goes, “That’s fer what you were thinkin a doin!”

  3. Are we to react knee-jerk fashion to any slight against Buddhism? If Hume did a negative cartoon about Buddha would we go and whack him? What the hell is this and who the F##k cares?

    • Oh no. If it were a *cartoon* we’d have to go sack his embassy! And then maybe the Zen guys’d think about seppuku or somethin.

      {I think Don needs a hug from Rev.Danny…}

  4. Hi,

    I agree with Don. If one comment causes this outpouring of letters, where does it stop? Do we end up carrying placards saying “behead those who say Buddhism isn’t a peaceful religion”?

    Neither do I think it is necessary, in this defence of Buddhism, to go on the attack against any other religion.

    “There is very little need for a Deity of any sort to live a positive and fruitful life.’
    – So you defend Buddhism by insulting the cherished faith of billions?

    “Morals were long in play before the advent of Christianity and for the most part the Christian faith has not done a bang-up job of keeping up their own moral through-out history.”
    – Oh dear, oh dear – is this really the way to defend Buddhism? Pointing out others faults (as a certain person called Jesus once suggested) is never the best policy.

    I have no idea who this Brit Hume is, or what he was talking about, (I’ll follow the links in a moment), but I do know that attcking Christianity in the ‘defence’ of Budhism is nothing I support.

    However, thank you for bringing this latest debate to my attention – I’ll go follow those links now!


    • No, I’m not insulting Christianity only pointing out that plenty of people live fruitful and moralistic livies without that specific belief. Morals existed before Buddhism as well.

      One needs to look at their own religion when discussing others. Christians should know their history as well as Buddhists (To be honest, I probably should have included that one rider. ie. Buddhists having a sullied history as well)

      “There is very little need for a Deity of any sort to live a positive and fruitful life.’
      – So you defend Buddhism by insulting the cherished faith of billions?

      HOW is that insulting? The fact that people exist without belief in God is insulting? No offense, Marcus, I love you man but my belief is questioned like this OFTEN out here. I reserve the right to defend it. I have been told that my lack of belief in Jesus is an abomination and I would burn and writh in agony for it. Yes. Delightful.

      If I had to count on my how many times I’ve been told that I am going to Hell by some Evangelical Christian group that was maraudng through campus I would be hard-pressed to do it with borrowing hands…and maybe feet.



  5. Hi John,

    Let me just tell you how your sentence is insulting.

    A Christian gives his opinion on TV that Woods has acted immoraly and ought to turn to Christianity for forgiveness etc etc

    You get offended by that and write to the TV station telling them that you don’t need a God to live a positive and fruitful life.

    As far as I can see, there is just as much insult and attack in your response as there is in the original comments.

    But, yes I could be wrong here. However, what saddens me is all this angry outrage over a single sentence from one person expressing his opinion. Where does such anger lead?

    Wishing you well friend,


    • Its been a long week and I may have been a little heavy-handed in my response to you. There is no attack in my statement. I am just saying that plenty of people are happy and moralistic w/o God. This is a truth.

      If someone made a comment that you didn’t need Buddhism to be moralistic or happy, I would agree 100%. But that is not what was said.

      So again why would someone be angry at being told that you don’t need GOD to be happy?

      Fox news has a steady history of suck. This is just another installment.

      Again, sorry for being heavy-handed. 9 day work week plus long weekend shift has put me in a bad place.



  6. Hi John,

    My apologies too.

    But take a look at what the man actually said. It is only three sentences. Hume said…

    “He [Woods] is said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger would be, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.’”

    It seems to me that Hume was giving his own personal opinion and if his opinion is that Christianity is a religion that emphasises forgiveness and if his opinion is that Woods would do well to become a Christian (as he clearly didn’t do a great job in terms of morality as a Buddhist) – doesn’t he have a right to express that opinion?

    Or do we, as Buddhists, get all outraged every time someone suggests that Buddhism isn’t the best religion in the world? I mean, of course we can disagree with him, but, why all the outrage? Why the letter writting campaigns? Why this knee-jerk defence of Buddhism?

    What we are effectively saying here is “sack from the tv anyone who says Buddhism doesn’t ofer the same forgiveness and redemption as the Christians”. It’s a very small and stupid thing to get all upset about.

    Wishing you well, and hoping you get some rest soon,


    • Watch Fox News much? Those opinion pieces get tiresome after a while.

      Don’t want him sacked and never said I did. Actually I think he already was.



  7. Hi,

    No, I don’t. I have Fox News but choose not to watch it.

    Yes, you didn’t call for him to be sacked. You called for an on-air apology. Sorry I made that mistake!

    But, really, do you honestly think that this man expressing his opinion over the morality of Tiger Woods really desreves a letter writing campaign by enraged Buddhists to a news channel?

    Can people not express their opinion? If I say I think it would be great if everyone were Buddhist, am I not allowed to say that? Is Hume not allowed to point out that Chritstianity places more emphasis on forgiveness than Buddhism does, is Hume not allowed to express his opinion regarding what Woods ought to do when he’s asked for his opinion?

    It seems that the entire Buddoblogsphere is busy getting angry and outraged and insulted and offended – over what?

    Even if Hume had insulted Buddhism, what of it? Are people not permitted to insult religions? Is our role to identify possible insults and then rush to the defence of Buddhism? Where does it stop?

    All the best,


  8. I wrote in a newspaper religion blog here in Rapid and was constantly barraged by others as to my ignorance of the truth (of Christianity) as a Buddhist. My response after months of this, was to just back out of the blog and say you have your faith and I have mine. You cannot talk someone out of their faith. (or explain yours in their context)

    Ultimately, I think that Buddhists ought to just shut up and practice their path. If anyone asks why they are so happy, peaceful, and kind then they should say that they follow the teachings of Buddha and let it go at that. Beyond that lay the dangers of pride, us and them thinking, and proselytizing. There is so much ignorance about Buddhism here in the US that only leading by example will correct it.

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  10. But wouldn’t he enjoy being locked in a room with Rush Limbaugh?

    Some of the responses here–standing up for Hume’s “right to his opinion”–show a profound lack of understanding of the concept of freedom of speech that’s alarmingly typical in internet forums: i.e. criticizing someone for something he says is an assault on free speech. Actually, criticizing someone for what he says IS free speech. In fact, the concept of free speech was invented precisely to protect the right to criticize those in positions of power.

    If the post made any kind of serious suggestsion to the effect that Brit Hume should be arrested for what he said, or that a law against criticizing Buddhism should be passed, that would be an attack on free speech. But the post does nothing of the kind. In simply criticizes Brit Hume and jokingly suggests some silly punishments for him (at least one of which includes a crude but funny dig at the Dalai Lama, as well).

    Personally, I’m inclined to think there’s way too much knee-jerk concern with offending religious sentiments of all kinds. Thus, progressive types, who will react with open disgust at some loudmouth yelling about “faggots” or telling women to shut up and get back in the kitchen, tend to get a lot more respectful, if not deferential, towards those pious souls who freely cite the hateful words of their holy books in support of sexist and homophobic political behavior (which has a hell of a lot more impact). Thus, I’ll criticize Hume here for mouthing off about something (Buddhism) of which he is clearly ignorant. If he wanted to make a more educated criticism of Buddhism, on the other hand (for instance, pointing out that Tibet under the Lamas was a corrupt theocracy that more closely resembled Tehran than the Shangri La imagined by many westerners, which it was), I’d have little problem with it (except for the fact that he’d be pointing out the speck in Buddhism’s eye while celebrating the hypocritical atrocity known as right wing Christianity…but, then, that’s one of the reasons I don’t watch Fox in the first place).

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