The Hottest Buddhist Bloggers?

Elephant has a dark side!

The Winner is the Rev. Danny Fisher! See his acceptance speech here.

It was a squeaker b/t Danny and Waylon of but it ended up going to the good Rev.

Don’t forget to Vote for the Best Female Buddhist Bloggers!  It isn’t for the “hottest” one since they are all GORGEOUS!

 So I have been honored with inclusion on 2009’s Hottest Male Buddhist Bloggers on Elephant Journal.  I should know since I created the list.  Yes, I made a list of attractive people and included myself on it. 

Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma.  I believe everything happens for a reason ~ Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

Since the polls are closing today for voting, shoot over there and place a vote and check out some these Gorgeous Lads of the Buddhobloggophere (G.L.O.B.) as well as stopping here and voting for the Sweet Ladies of the Buddhobloggosphere (S.L.O.B.).  



See?! Much sexier than Reverend Danny Fisher!


4 thoughts on “The Hottest Buddhist Bloggers?

    • To be fair I had to exclude the abnormally attractive buddhist Bloggers of Montana. It just wouldn’t be a competition if they were included.


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