A Response to Ann Coulter via Jack and Henry

Ok, so yes I do know what to expect from Ann Coulter.   And it is not reasonable conversation or even debate.  Personally I hope that one day she simply dissappears in a magical *puff* of designer diet pills, cocaine and stripper dust (stripper dust is the glitter that always hangs on to Kyle from The Reformed Buddhist when he leaves a Canadian Strip Club).

Anywho…this was a silly quote.

Is Buddhism about forgiveness? Because, if so, Buddhists had better start demanding corrections from every book, magazine article and blog posting ever written on the subject, which claims Buddhists don’t believe in God, but try to become their own gods.

Not much response needed except to say that forgiveness need not come from a god or any deity but from your own realization of how your actions affected yourself and others.  Without that realization any amount of magic forgiveness is meaningless (to me at least, I don’t think less of anyone that does believe in divine forgiveness).  If Divine Forgiveness helps you reach that realization as a Christian or as a Buddhist then great.  More power to you.  I faced my own, very painful, round with this and I decided that Divine Forgiveness did me absolutely spit for my realization. 

Ann please refer to Karma, thank you.

So that is my response to Ann but wait…who is that knocking on my door…wait, let me see…OH, its Henry Rollins!  Hi, Henry good to see you….oh, stoooop…yes, I have been working out and I would love to give you some pointers but first you wanted to say something to Ann?

Thank You, Henry, that was delightful. 


John and Hank


11 thoughts on “A Response to Ann Coulter via Jack and Henry

  1. lmao, i love this, i wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do but i pissed myself when he got to the first ‘STFU’. in fact, i had to find an ice tea bottle cuz I could not get to the bathroom fast enough.

  2. Rollins looks like he’s going to beat the hell out of someone with that coffee cup. Dude, you totally have a man crush on Henry Rollins.

    • I do have a man-crush on Hank. In my early days of Buddhist fusion, my practice combined Zen, Henry Rollins, Pragmatism and copious amounts of Red Bull!

      • Red Bull is the key to meditation! Anyway, loved the Henry vid. Ann should appreciate someone like Henry taking the time to write such a well spoken and thought provoking video. Because as we all know, no one knows how to be as straight forward and to the point as Henry Rollins. 🙂

    • Yeah….kinda. Rollins speaks from the heart. Even the ugly parts that everybody loves to pretend they don’t have. I think of listening to Rollins, like being smacked with a stick. It hurts but like so what…its a stick.



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