A Buddhist Going Green…sorta

I like this idea coming from “365 Ways to Live Green

Clothing is a process that starts with either renewable or nonrenewable feed stock (and underpaid slave labor), which his treated and woven, dyed and sewn to produce a piece of clothing.  The clothing may have started out as a fossil fuel, or a cotton plant, with many workers and manufacturing and transportation processes along the way (as well as an occassional child forced labor camp).  Most synthetic threads are made from petroleum which is nonrenewable (except in the geologic sense) and producing contaminants (like bell bottoms and big fat Garcia ties).  Synthetic fabrics and clothing are durable and relatively non-destructable (like Brit Hume’s sense of self-worth).  Some companies such as Patagonia accept used synthetic clothing for reuse as feedstock in new synthetic blend fabrics…

So, you can recycle clothing.  I always figured I have recycled clothing since I tend to wear them to absolute scraps, or at least try to use the material from completely annihilated clothes to make patches for the next round.  Or I give them to a local thrift shop or Salvation Army.  I never actually thought about returning them to the retailer to reuse.




3 thoughts on “A Buddhist Going Green…sorta

  1. Dear John,

    Jesus wants this country to buy more stuff to keep our economy in float. You, sir are doing the devils work.

    Green = COMMUNIST

    I hope you enjoy hell as much as I enjoy shaking my fist at your blog.

    Yours in Christ,
    John Madden

  2. I have a carload of shoes that will go back to a running store for recycling (if/when I finally remember to drop them off). Way to go and good luck in your green journeys – “it’s not easy being green”…

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