Buddhist Aid to Haiti and Buddhist Boners for Bodhi

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Tzu Chi USA headquarters immediately established an emergency coordination center to respond to the needs in Haiti. On January 13, meetings were held with Tzu Chi global headquarters, Tzu Chi USA’s regional directors throughout the nation, as well as other humanitarian organizations.

Tzu Chi global headquarters has initiated a global fundraising campaign to deliver the love from people around the globe to the affected people in Haiti. To kick off the global fundraising campaign, Tzu Chi volunteers in the US will hold a nationwide street fundraiser on January 16 and 17.

Tzu Chi has previously provided aid to Haiti in 1999, 2004 and 2009. In January 2009, Tzu Chi relief team traveled to Haiti to provide relief to Haiti after the country was struck by various hurricanes in 2008. Tzu Chi volunteers from the US, Dominican Republic and St. Martin provided supplies such as rice, corn powder, cooking oil, sugar, salt, instant noodles, tarp, eco-friendly blankets, plastic cloths, buckets (for food storage purpose), vitamins, dental kits and a set of portable dental equipment, benefiting 3,343 households in poverty areas in Port-au-Prince and Cite Soleil. There were also long-term plans for other charitable and medical assistance.

Visit their website here for more information.  Although it doesn’t matter where you give support as long as it is with a reputable organization.  I will be personally taking donations to give Pat Roberson a swift kick in the nads but I would prefer you don’t to Haiti…the nad-punching fun fest can wait for a later date!

Via @bitterrootbadge (Bitterroot Badger’s Buddhist Blog from Bozeman)

Buddhist Global Relief (BGR) is an inter-denominational community of Buddhists and friends of Buddhism who seek to give concrete expression to the Buddha’s great compassion as an ongoing project in the contemporary world. BGR addresses the plight of people worldwide afflicted by poverty, natural disaster, and societal neglect.  It aspires to directly participate in the Buddha’s mission of liberating beings from suffering by addressing the most immediate causes of their distress and providing for their well-being and happiness.  Inspired by a sense of humane responsibility and commitment to social justice, its members seek to improve the lives of the men, women, and children that they serve, enabling them to lead fruitful lives of dignity, hope, and meaning.

I liked and respected Bhikkhu Bodhi before but now I officially have a left leaning Buddhist boner for him…

he called attention to the narrowly inward focus of American Buddhism, which has been pursued to the neglect of the active dimension of Buddhist compassion expressed through programs of social engagement.

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6 thoughts on “Buddhist Aid to Haiti and Buddhist Boners for Bodhi

  1. Dude. Thanks, but, honestly…as my mother said endlessly in my yout’, “Isn’t there a better way to express that?”

  2. “he called attention to the narrowly inward focus of American Buddhism, which has been pursued to the neglect of the active dimension of Buddhist compassion expressed through programs of social engagement”

    Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and yadda yadda yadda. But I have to agree here. Buddhism in the West is seen as primarily an inner-tranformation practice, or one that is used for “self help” (people that just want the meditation practice aspect).

    There is nothing at all wrong with improving your self or working on your self (don’t get hung up on semantics here guys) or using Buddhism for inner-focus. But I really feel like the heart of the Buddha’s teachings strongly emphasize compassion for others, charity, genorosity and so on.

    Compared to the rest of the world, we have a largely privellaged life here in the West (most of us) and could use the Buddha’s teachings to do great things in the name of metta and compassion in this world. I wish the “greater American Buddhist sangha” would act on this more often and with some kind of unification. Maybe this is a good use for Peace Ground Zero or something similar?

    Though, I suppose we don’t need a Buddhist t-shirt on when we help others. Compassion is compassion. Meta is Meta, no matter the source.

  3. John, I’ve collected the various agencies mentioned in the blogs and listed them on one page at 108ZB (Ways to Engage). Perhaps others would want to do something similar since generosity is a 24/7/52 thing?

    I am frequently reminded that generosity is a rare form of being. At one point I mentally added up the salaries of all the sangha members we had. Compared to what we ever managed to collect for donations (max $40?), it was obscene. The only 3figure donations were two from sangha members who were out of work. Now, I just donate time and $$ quietly rather than get my knickers knotted and bow deeply to the folks who know how much they have – even if they may not.

    BTW, love the testy-monials. But the quote attributed to me is actually for the Grasshopper-Squirrel. But it applies to you too!

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