Update on Haiti Relief from Bhikkhu Bodhi

An update on Haiti relief from Bhikkhu Bodhi (via: Shambhala Sunspace).  Relief efforts require help from people like us.  Even my small grass-roots sangha is donating a large portion of their savings (meager as they are in comparison to larger organizations) to relief efforts.  It is important to give in an form to any reputible organization. 

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi: Buddhist Global Relief has made a contribution of $20,000 to support emergency relief efforts in Haiti following the devastating earthquake that struck the country on January 12th. Our donation draws $8,000 from our emergency funds and $12,000 in donations received from BGR members and friends. We have divided this sum among four reputable aid organizations now in the country: CARE, Oxfam, Tzuchi Foundation, and Direct Relief International. Each has received a donation of $5,000.

As a follow-up, BGR is currently collecting donations to support several long-term rehabilitation projects in Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries. These will focus on providing improved nutrition and education. Many countries hit by sudden disaster receive a massive amount of aid and funds in the immediate aftermath of the crisis, but then find, as the disaster fades from the headlines, that the flow dries up. Taking a Buddhist perspective, BGR gives priority to the type of discreet assistance that promises to yield the most abundant fruits. Thus we concentrate on better nutrition for children and mothers, and on offering children (especially girls) the chance to attend school.

Readers who wish to contribute to our long-range projects in Haiti may donate by mail or online. Mark your check or online donation “Haiti Rehabilitation.”

Here are links to all of the organizations mentioned so that you can look into them for yourself:


Another call from The Reverend Kaz Nakata


5 thoughts on “Update on Haiti Relief from Bhikkhu Bodhi

  1. A few of us had a long conversation about Haiti, and Buddhist responses to these kinds of situations this morning at zen center. I feel like there are so much to address – the immediate situation, the awful historical legacy, the economic injustice. First, the immediate situation – which is why supporting relief groups like those above is important and the best first step.

    But from there, once things are somewhat back to functioning again, what then? Will those of us in rich nations contribute and support the Haitian people, or will we saddle them with debt, steal their natural resources, and prop up puppet governments in the name of “democracy”?

    There’s no clear answer, only the question to sit with.

    • I know what you are saying, Nathan and I agree. It takes horrible circumstance to bring forth compassion when we should have that compassion before these events as well.

      This is not a rational to cease support or donations but again, as you said, something to sit with in our practice.



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