The Dharma Marmot!

With all of these Buddhist animal avatars (Kyle’s Squirrel Zen and Montana’s own Bitterroot Badger) plus with the passing of Groundhog Day, I thought that this passage from A Spacious Path to Freedom would be appropriate.

For individuals of superior faculties, the introduction [to the nature of the mind] may be enough. For middling individuals, quiencence will arise, and even inferior people will get a glimpse of stillness. Then these are th characteristics of having cultivated quienscence with and without signs: All ideation is calmed in its own place, and the attention remains wherever it is focused. That is quiescence. Moreover, if you remain in a state of vividness, that isf flawless quiescence. If you become blacked-out, as in deep sleep devoid of mindfulness, this is a parody of cessation, and a kind of meditation in which marmots are experts….~ from A Spacious Path to Freedom

Oh yes, indeed.  This is the official birth of the Dharmot ~ The Dharma Marmot!  I am so happy.  My wife calls them “meatloafs”… but I am the master of crappy meditative practice.  I love it!

Every Groundhog Day, they drag a poor old Punxsutawney Phil out of his constructed den and see if he sees his own shadow. Will there be 6 more weeks of winter or is spring right around the corner? That predicitive logic might be acceptable for an eastern Groundhog (I personally prefer Woodchuck), but we have our own Groundhog in the Rockies who won’t even if see sunlight for another 3 or 4 months. ~ from here

Good old Dharmota monax will take care of them violent, home-wrecking sons-a-bitches!  Our only weapons are limitless compassion, a slight weight problem and a tendency to waddle when we run (although we prefer to be called strutters)!




6 thoughts on “The Dharma Marmot!

  1. Marmot’s or Badger’s, it does nto matter, the squirrel wins paws down!

    A Marmot and a a Badger are nothing more than a fat squirrel!

  2. Heh. Dharma Marmot.

    Some of my favorite photos to get when we go backpacking are of our chubby High Sierra Marmots sunning themselves on boulders. They look so content. And ever-so-slightly Tribble-ish, to be honest.

  3. I would remind one of your misguided commenters that Zquirrels are rodents — rodentia. Badgers are of a higher order of being altogether. For example, we know that plural nouns do not require apostrophes. Case closed.

    Sorry for the late appearance, but I was in one of my periodic winter 29 hours of torpor. ‘Dharmot’ did make me lol. In Montana, we don’t go for the groundhogs at all. On Feb. 2, we check in with Calamity J. Marmot as to the remainder of winter. And I think we have some kind of bounty system where kids get paid per pelt for however many squirrel carcasses they bring into the town dump. Such terrible karma to be a squirrel.

  4. Ugh…I hate uppity mustelids. It’s the stink gland that makes them so bitter…

    Dharmota meatloaf rules!

    • Mustelid I may be, but that ain’t a stink gland; that’s the musky aroma of love. You musta got me confounded with them Asiatic Stink Badgers which, I’ll point out, ain’t even badgers at all, really. Some kinda skunk. Look it up.

      Anyways, you caught me wakin from a nap, is all. You just gotta work out yer mustelid-hatin on the cushion, hoss.

      Oh, and you don’t need a period after an ellipsis…:-)

      • Mustelids have well-developed anal scent glands wich produce a potent repellent smell and an over-inflated sense of grammatic annoyesis an unfortunate side-effect of sniffing glue as a child (probably to avoid the smell they exude when excited).

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