One Precept

Purchase: Shot primarily at the Rinzai-Ji temple in Los Angeles, One Precept documents traditional Zen Buddhism in America today. In a personal, often poetic portrayal, the story introduces a Zen priest named Seiju, who discusses the principles of the practice, the growing popularity of Zen and his seventeen years as a disciple of one of its oldest living masters, Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. Detailed images of meditation, chanting, formal meal, and Koan study are combined to reveal a highly disciplined practice that has been handed down from master to student, from one culture to another, emerging as a popular form of religious expression in contemporary western society. a film by Steve Flood and Robin Adams distributed by Documentary Educational Resources

This was a nice little preview I thought I would share.  The drums and bells that were played during the video kept Samsara baby happy while we were waiting for mom to come home.




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  1. John, is this a video that you think would be useful at the Tuesday night discussion group? Love, Chris

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