Hindus HATE Valentine’s Day – Leads to “Free Sex”

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I have to agree with this poster. I hate Valentine’s Day too but for maybe different reasons….

and this Release on Valentine’s Day being attributed to “Free Sex” (oh my)

Muslim leaders in Indonesia have told the faithful not to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is sinful and leads to “free sex”.

“We forbid Muslims to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said Abdullah Cholil, an East Java leader of Nahdlatul Ulama, the mainly Muslim country’s biggest Islamic organisation.

“The day is often celebrated by young, unmarried people. They celebrate Valentine’s Day by holding hands or having free sex, which they are not supposed to be doing,” he said.

Lalilurrahman, the East Java branch chief of the country’s highest Islamic body, the Indonesian Ulema Council, said the celebration of romance and love was a Western tradition and therefore should not interest Muslims.

“Valentine’s Day originated from Western culture. It’s not in accordance with Islamic and Eastern culture,” he said.

Shopping centres in Indonesia’s major cities are decked out with Valentine’s Day gift offerings as well as displays marking Chinese New Year.

Most Indonesians are moderate Muslims, and few pay much attention to the moral edicts of local Islamic leaders.

Rarely do the Muslim and Hindu communities agree but they seem to be on the same page on this one. 




5 thoughts on “Hindus HATE Valentine’s Day – Leads to “Free Sex”

  1. LMFAO! That is awesome! Wow, the true hindu’s would have frowned upon our diwali celebration. I like the range from holding hands to free sex being evil, they’re totally the same thing ;P

    • I’ve been known to cause spontaneous orgasms through something as innocent as a handshake. The Hindus have every right to be worried.

      One time I sneezed and impregnated an entire waiting room.



  2. HAHA…this is great. I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day either. I think it’s kind of shallow that a lot of us celebrate and show our love for each other once a year. I prefer to spread the love year round.

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