Twitter Can Suck It! ~ My Homage to Buddhist Tweeters!

Elephant Riders!

I just posted on Elephant Journal a top 10 list of my favorite Buddhist Tweeters.  Many didn’t make the cut.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it only means that I couldn’t think of anything funny to say about you.  If I listed everyone that rocked the Dharma boat on Twitter, the post would go on for kalpas!

So enjoy ~ Twitter Can Suck It!: My Top 10 Buddhist Twitterers and then stop to vote for your favorite after checking out some of the prolific and engaging Twitterers I listed!




8 thoughts on “Twitter Can Suck It! ~ My Homage to Buddhist Tweeters!

    • Waylon, I cannot believe you would allow this headline. I am embarrassed for you. I just told John that I’m walkin away. It is mindless journalism.

  1. Your headline about twitter contains language that refers to sucking. I’ve been around the block, and this usually is a reference to gay sex in a negative way. HOWEVER you meant it, it didn’t translate. It was mindless journalism.

    This bring Elephant Journal to an all time journalistic LOW. I will remove all contact with this medium and you.


    • Bye, Donald.

      I will do my best not to refer to sucking, biting, slurping, gulping and oral intake in any capacity or realm in future posts HOWEVER the context.

      This will include eating, ingesting, drinking, licking, gurgling, whistling while underwater, or chomping.

      How the f*ck does “Suck it refer to gay sex”. It refers to oral sex ~ a delightful past-time for people of any sexual oreintation and a awesomely flexible past-time.

      I dare say that from my perspective and on my blog, you will not be missed if this is the only comment you made….

      ….That “Suck It” was just far too much for your sensibilities. I am usually more compassionate with those that get insulted by my posts but if it was the TITLE that did it then good day sir.

      Cheers and with much sucking!


      • I just didn’t get how it related to the post generally, seemed oddly aggressive, but then I’ve been a celibate monk for 17 years, so who cares what I think about such matters? Plus I made the list, so really John can say whatever he likes!

      • How funny.

        Donald reminds me of a really odd English teacher I had in high school. He overheard someone saying that something-or-other “sucked.” This odd teacher admonished the student, telling him, “I don’t think you understand what that word means. When you get older, you will.”

        We were in high school! I’m pretty sure most of us had a clue what the term referred to.

        … Ryan

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