Buddhobloggosphere Tiger Woods Roundup (Now With Evangelicals!)

A quick and dirty round-up of the flavor of the week…again – Tiger Woods.

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  • Bayou Buddhists ~ The Year of the Buddhist Tiger
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  • my buddha is pink ~ I am related to my kamma
  • The Reformed Buddhist ~ How’s That Whole Non-Redeemy, Non-Forgivey Thing Workin Out for Ya?
  • Angry Asian Buddhist ~ Tiger Woods’ Buddhist Apology
  • Elephant Journal ~ Tiger Woods: I’m Recommitting Myself to Buddhism
  • Dangerous Harvests ~ Buddhist TV Circuit
  • Going for Refuge ~ Tiger
  • The Reverend Danny Fisher ~ Tiger Talks About His Practice
  • Spiritual Life ~ Tiger Returns to Buddhist Roots, despite Hume’s Urgings
  • One City ~ Tiger Woods Apologizes, turns to Buddhism
  • Wisdom Quarterly ~ Buddhist Tiger Woods Apologizes
  • Shambhala Sunspace
  • Vanity Fair ~ Tiger Wood Admits He’s a Buddhist!
  • And my favorite from PastorRobertson

    I hope that Tiger and his wife find a way to stay married, especially for the sake of the children.  But, sadly, Tiger’s adherence to Buddhism will continue to be a hindrance.  All Christians should pray for Tiger Woods that he will look “outside” of himself to help that comes from the true and living God and that he will trust in Jesus Christ alone for true forgiveness and redemption.

    I urge all Buddhists to immediately meditate on Tiger staying Buddhist!  Seriously, we can WIN this one.  There is nothing I like more than stealing souls from the filthy hippie, Jesus and his band of evangelical jabberwockies!

    Or we could just let him make his own decision on what is right for him and hope that he can atone for his beginningless greed, anger and ignorance.




    8 thoughts on “Buddhobloggosphere Tiger Woods Roundup (Now With Evangelicals!)

    1. Thanks for the mention John! It’s been interesting to read the variety of reaction to Woods’ statement. And it seems a bit odd to me that some of the skepticism is coming from the Buddhist commentators. We all can be so quick to judge based on superficial phenomenon, I suppose. I am just as guilty at times.

    2. I left the following comment on the Pastor’s blog.

      “Your bigotry and ignorance, sir, are hindrances to the love and compassion that are at the center of every religion. ”

      For some reason, I felt the need to say exactly what I was thinking, even if it does absolutely nothing in the end.

    3. ” There is nothing I like more than stealing souls from the filthy hippie, Jesus ”

      Hippie? Jesus?

      Sounds like someone is talking about me (twitter name). 🙂

      I am all for meditating to keep Tiger with us!

      I say we put in an extra sit every day for Tiger to stay with Buddhism.
      He already couldn’t decide with woman was best for him so I say we must decide his religion.

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