“Spokes on the Wheel” ~ My post at Dharma/Arte

An image of the 3 Poisons by Jeff Wigman

Artist Jeff Wigman and myself have a new post up over at Dharma/Arte.  The post is called “Spokes in the Wheel” (“Travas na roda” in Brazilian Portugese) with fantastic artwork of Jeff complemented, and hopefully not ruined, by my commentary on the 12 Nidanas (click here for another great commentary and explaination of the Nidanas).

This was our first collaboration together as well as my first post on Dharma/Arte.  It was great fun working with his images and spinning my own Dharma tales with them.  You can also see some small versions of his images on my post about Hungry Ghosts/Pretas but I encourage you to check out his page.

Some info on Dharma/Arte:

Dharma/Arte is a Brazilian non-profit organization…dedicated to exploring the intersection between dharma, art, creativity and transformative experiences. Dharma/Arte is inspired by dharma art teachings as presented by the Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, yet these teachings are a jumping off point for investigations that cover a range of different approaches and ideas. Dharma/Arte has a Buddhist name, yet it promotes a “no limits” vision: our bottom line is openness. This is our compost, from which we seek to grow many beautiful flowers.

Dharma/Arte is based in Brazil, yet it is an international community that communicates through old and new forms of technology. Indeed, how to communicate deeply and sincerely across and beyond national, idealistic, spatial and temporal boundaries is one set of investigations to which we are dedicated.

So please, read and comment over at Dharma/Arte if so moved.  Currently only the Brazilian Portuguese language page supports comments so leave anything you want to say over there!




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  1. Thanks for the mention, Mr Pappas. The idea for having comments only in the page in Portuguese is trying to unify what is otherwise separated by language barriers. I hope it helps. Abraços.

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