Monks cremate bodies of Tibetan Earthquake victims

Due to the graphic nature of these pictures, I am unsure about including them in a post.  They are from this blog, operated by a photographer from the Haidong Prefecture in Qinghai Province of China/Tibet who has been recording much of the relief efforts since the earthquake through a photo-blog.

The pictures are graphic, disturbing and a shocking reminder of the effect of this earthquake.  The following is the photographer’s comment translated through google.

17, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai earthquake remains of nearly a thousand victims placed in the temple after three days of mass cremation, thousands of families live tearful farewell to their loved ones, hundreds of monks in the Buddha led prayers for the dead souls from purgatory to the dead with dignity, to living in comfort.

Day morning, presided over the cremation of the knot temple monks to focus on the bodies of victims in the temple town in batches shipped to the southern end of the Tashi Chase celestial rock halfway up the mountain, carefully placed in the temporary excavation of cremation in the desks. “Tashi Chase” in the Tibetan language is the meaning of good fortune and peace.

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