Elephantine Zen Nuts and the Karma to use them


Our good friend Waylon is trying to keep the Elephant Journal above water and has the balls to keep his intents about keeping Elephant open, transparent and sustainable. The Elephant should and will remain open to the voices of the columnists and not tied down to corporate/commercial interests.

This take balls – massive, pulsating, hairy balls.

It also takes help from readers that enjoy the results of all of Waylon’s work, passion and sacrifice. I love Elephant because it gave (and continues to give) writers like myself the ability to voice opinions and topics that engage, educate and sometimes enrage.  He lets us take the wheel once in a while and drive through the mud even when it ends up getting kicked up in his face.  That is radical trust.

Because I do so love Elephant – I promote it and back what comes out (except when I don’t and then I say so).  For example when Waylon is a prick.

So take the moment to help out Elephant one of two ways…

  1. Go here and support ($9 bucks a month for a year to equal an auspicious $108) and wear your Elephant pride proudly on your blog/Facebook/website.  This is so much better than spending $300 bucks on a pyramid scheme but not as good as donating to something the Tibetan Earthquake.
  2. Go here and vote for Elephant in the 2010 Intent Web Awards in the “Yoga and Fitness” Category.  This is worth checking out just for some other blogs/eZines.  However, not in the “Yoga and Fitness” category.  Why?  Because would Tara Stiles post this or this or even this?  No she would not because she is too busy picturing herself “in union” with @RyderJaphy and @Deepakchopra.
  3. Fuck it...just link to the site from your page.  It’s free and the image is pure sweet nectar!

Either way you do it you help keep a kick-ass mindful blog stomping along for a bit.

That equals good merit, good karma and massive elephantine pendulumatic balls…


Proud Elephant and Douchebag

Steve Buscemi
Moody stare aficionado

*steve buscemi does not endorse Elephant Journal but should if only someone would tell him to…