Happy Buddha’s Birthday ~ A letter from a concerned Christian

Zombie Christ and Compassion

I had a wonderful post lined up for the celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday today.  It was funny but not insulting, silly but still somewhat reverent … and it included a wonderful reference to boobs.

But then I was sent this letter (via a Dharma friend at the Kansas Zen Center) from a concerned Christian.

Dear Zen student,
Do you chant to an entity called Kwan Seum Bosal at an alter?  Does the alter have on it candles (fire), dirt (earth), water, and incense [Actually no…is Satan displeased]?  Have you been told that Kwan Seum Bosal is the “Bodhisattva of Compassion?”  Have you been told where this entity resides or how he can hear you?  Certainly you must have wondered about these things.
KSB is a demonic entity.  Your chanting at an alter with those elements present is a witchcraft ceremony
which “draws down” a demon or numbers of demons called Kwan Seum Bosal.  These demons have placed you in bondage.  I know you probably scoff at this though [Oh Sweet Effing Hell, I sure am].  
What you call Zen Buddhism is the doctrine of demons [From your idiodic perception of your out-dated book.  I do ask that you respect my idiotic perceptions and my out-dated books].  Do you believe in reincarnation [Do you believe in Zombies?]?  This is also a demonic deception.  Duk In Lee (your founding teacher, Seung Sahn) was blind leading the blind right to Hell-which is where he now resides awaiting judgment [I’ll be sure to say ‘hi’].  Don’t follow him or his numerous duped students.  Know that he was a hypocrite as well who was having sex with many of those students [Kettle you are black, Love Pot].   
If you believe there is no creator and that you came about through evolution, then there is no hope for you. (Have you ever read the subtitle to The Origin of the Species?  It says, “For the preservation of favored RACES.”  “Darwinism” was used to justify the eugenics movement–the culling of those deemed unfit for survival.  It is a totally false science.) [Fuck me!  We jumped the rails there didn’t we?  When is the homosexual rant coming on, I wonder]
If you believe that there is a creator and that he has laws and that you’ve broken these laws which will result in real punishment (Hell), then there is hope for you.  That hope is Jesus Christ, who took the  punishment due you at the cross.  By faith in Jesus Christ, you can avoid judgment and Hell and have eternal life.  [I never asked for such an (sorry) ‘Indian Gift’ and he can bite me.  Really he can since he is a zombie that should then provide me with enternal life.  Yay.]
If you live [If you read are a 6th grade grammar] are a Zen student, then you probably have a desire to find the truth.  But “Zen” is the wrong road; God’s word, the Bible, calls it the wide road that leads to death [All roads lead to death, get used to it].  Jesus Christ is the truth and the narrow gate that leads to life [Straight but not narrow].  Repent of Zen Buddhism and the doctrine of demons [Ok, done. Happy? You and Christ are still Douches. Can I go to heaven now?].  Believe on Jesus Christ and have eternal life. 
Bob [Suck It]Johnson
ps–Didn’t the KUZS director recently kill himself as have others who have been duped by the Buddha’s teachings that there is no truth, meaning or reason to life?  Do you think he and other dead Zen students have been reincarnated or that they are in Heaven?  I tell you that he is now in a literal burning Hell awaiting judgment.  Time is short.  Believe in Jesus Christ before it’s too late. [I reiterate…suck it]

Dear Bob,

I’ll see your self-serving, idiotic, evangelical ass in Hell.  Better luck next lifetime.  Time is indeed short, do not squander it.

Yours in Christ,


And after all that….here are some videos of Celebrations of Buddha’s Birthday


26 thoughts on “Happy Buddha’s Birthday ~ A letter from a concerned Christian

    • Nope. But I really have no compassion for someone condemning me to hell and making light of a poor mna’s suicide. I just not that good a Buddhist.

  1. that’s a real letter? really, there’s nothing much that can be said when someone’s view is so different and inflexible.

    • Yes, it is a real letter. And I agree that there is really no room for conversation or discussion with someone as deluded as this. Face to face, I wouldn’t even bother to discuss this with them. I would walk away.

      When compassion is only available through conversion you have officially lost me as an active listener.

      I also don’t consider most Christians to be this deluded. Most are just like the rest of us – wandering in circles but generally in the right direction.



  2. Bob, I have a few honest questions for you. Do you truly believe attacking with empty words and threats is a way to bring your gospel to others? Has this ever worked for you? Did Christ himself ever walk around (don’t believe he had email to hide behind back then) and threaten and attack people in this manner? Please explain.

    I would personally love to see Bob back this up in the comments of this very post.

    …joining palms

  3. Witnessing delusional people of that degree in action reaffirms that I am on the right path…at least the right path for me because I would never push that MY way is the RIGHT way for anyone else. Hell, we might ALL be full of shit? 😉


  4. “But “Zen” is the wrong road; God’s word, the Bible, calls it the wide road that leads to death” I have a King James Bible…cannot find “Zen” in it.

    • Well, maybe if more japanese people wrote the bible you would see it. HaHAH!

      But surely the concept of contemplation and comtemplative living figures some way in the bible literature.

      Now, personally, I just don’t think the bible is a useful book. When anyone phrases that their reasoning comes from that book I simply state that I don’t place any supernatural benefit on it. Case closed. A literal reading of any ‘holy’ text, including Buddhist sutras, is dangerous. Interpretations is the best we got.



  5. Absolutely a real letter. I forwarded it to the KZC board of directors and a few choice buddhies. We are not going to respond to it but if I did, I would probably just say, “All hail Kwan Seum Bosal!”


  6. So much talk of evil Zen demons, so little talk of the true lord and master of chaos and evil, Cthulu. Look not to the suttas children of christ, look to Innsmouth if you fear for the souls of man!!!!

    Cthulhu fhtagn!!!!

  7. The author of this letter has greatly tarnished the memory of a remarkable human being, J.W. Harrington, who took his life last year.

    J.W. worked as director of the Kwan Um School of Zen for 20 years, overseeing all aspects of the organizations business affairs with kindness and generosity.

    However, J.W. was not a Buddhist, nor was he a Buddhist practitioner. Rather, he was an extremely devout Roman Catholic and regularly went to church with his family.

    Unlike the author of this letter, J.W. knew that attachment to name and form produced enormous human suffering. And, while J.W. struggled with the pressures of his own life, he repeatedly went beyond his religious beliefs to serve all beings.

    For J.W. and his memory: Jijang Bosal Jijang Bosal Jijang Bosal

    For the author of this letter: Kwan Seum Bosal Kwan Seum Bosal Kwan Seum Bosal

    May all beings realize the happiness that is not dependent on name and form, and also realize the causes of that happiness.

    • Thank you, Barry, for that somber and appreciated clarification. Buddhist or no, we all struggle with our lives.

      “For the author of this letter: Kwan Seum Bosal Kwan Seum Bosal Kwan Seum Bosal” ~ Now Barry, don’t go starting fights with your devil words! Fie on you.

      But seriously, the author’s tactic of dredging up someone’s death is a poor one, in poor taste and wholly uneffective.



  8. John, this is great. Thanks for this wicked and meaningful response. Keep up the great work. Carol

    • p.s. I have no idea how that strange looking avatar came up with my comment! what the heck is that anyway

      • Sorry, carolann! They are automatic. I would suggest getting a gravatar image attached to your email then you can have the same avatar as your twitter/facebook/blogspot/google/antichrist page.

        Hail Satan!


        • Yes, I will surely find a better avatar, more seeming for this occassion:) Meanwhile, this one sorta looks evil, so it will do!

  9. What a priceless letter. Wonder if he got a merit badge for writing it? Or perhaps he managed to get a sleep over with his minister? The law of kamma works in mysterious ways.

  10. Hi John,

    I’m going to speak well out of place here. It’s probably none of my business, I’m really sorry to see the glee with which you have responded to this letter. Writing back that “You and Christ are still Douches” only feeds the ignorance and anger on both sides.

    Reading all your posts on Christianity on your blog (the way you always compare Buddhism to evangelical Christianity rather than to the much more numerous liberal wings for example) leads me to suspect that you really do enjoy the fight.

    You might be right. I would have simply put the letter in the bin and got on with the celebrations of Buddha’s Birthday. But perhaps that’s not the right thing to do. I don’t know.

    But I do know that calling Christ a Douche does nothing to cool things down and bring about peace and understanding.

    Kwan Seum Bosal,


    • Oh, its completely fine Marcus! But my ‘response’ was one of glee because that is all this person deserves. It was also not sent to me directly but from a friends at the Kansas City Zen Center.

      It isn’t a fight against Christianity. Christian beliefs are fine as are most of the believers. I do take issue with certain aspects of the religion which I bring up time from time.

      But something like this…letter…doesn’t deserve the respect it was presented with. If someone comes with fire I will respond with (usually pretty funny) fire.

      As per my posts on Christianity: I have has open forums on the mixings of faith in Buddhist practice which I think were more than fair to everyone.

      But my celebration was three fold this year! Buddha’s B-day, the 40th Anniversary of Pac-Man and a new samsara-baby on the way!

      So, no worries, it didn’t put me in a funk and Christ is only a douche when his followers make is such. Usually, he is fine!



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