Tea, Muthaf*cka! Do you drink it?! ~ Dongshan Dolce

From Adagio Tea’s description:

This Zhejiang region tea is rich and complex with a sweet and hypnotic aroma. In each sip you will find a decadent character like that of a sweet bun, with biscuit and butter-like notes. We hope you will feel indulgent with each luscious sip.

Unfortunately I could not find as much backing information of this particular tea nor any from the region it is grown.  Alas, it will be a short review.  From the description above, I expected a complex and strong *kick in the nuts* green tea.  Instead, I found a mellow, subtle and relaxed tea (more of a gentle nudge than a nut-kick).  Fine to drink but lacking in any real complexity.  Definitely not what I would describe as have “biscuit” notes, being “luscious” and I did not feel “indulgent” when I drank it.  I did like that it was a green tea that lacked the grassy flavors that usually predominate and it didn’t make my toes curl.

So here is a video of Kung Fu tea ceremony…

and here is a video of a drunk squirrel (go tell Kyle that you love him)




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